(3)                     Establishment  of a Special Box
                     for Comments to Proprosed Rulemaking
   Effective immediately, the Patent and Trademark Office has established
a special box designator for public comments regarding patent related
regulations and procedures.
   In order to take advantage of this new service, the envelope should
be addressed:
        Box Comments - Patents
        Assistant Commissioner for Patents
        Washington, D.C. 20231
   Only comments regarding patent related regulations and procedures are
to be placed in the envelope. In order to assist the public, notices
published in the Federal Register or the Official Gazette will
specifically direct that comments be addressed to "Box Comments -
Patents" when appropriate.

January 11, 1996                                         STEPHEN G. KUNIN
                                            Deputy Assistant Commissioner
                                           for Patent Policy and Projects

                                 [1183 OG 14]