NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

Oakes, III, Charles Lee: See--
Billman, Bradly Jay; Oakes, III, Charles Lee; Medina, III, Reynaldo; and Bueche, Michael Patrick 09811867 Cl. G06Q 50/16.
Oaks, Scott: See--
Revanuru, Naresh; Phan, Lenny; and Oaks, Scott 09811541 Cl. G06F 17/30286.
Oath Inc.: See--
McGregor, Lucas; Depaoli, Mike; Gould, Adrian; Hill, Chad; Ritchie, Michael Thomas; Kincaid, Kyle; Lingle, Glenn; Provost, Joseph; and Vazquez, Maria 09811576 Cl. G06F 17/30575.
Wetherell, William; Ramirez, Joshua S.; Katchay, Marc A.; Moore, Gabriela Meirelles; Louie, David; Hamman, Douglas; Behnke, Brian; and Lammerding, Kiersten L. 09811586 Cl. G06F 17/30705.
Obata, Takeshi: See--
Hashimoto, Eiji; Dojo, Koji; and Obata, Takeshi 09810588 Cl. G01K 11/32.
Obayashi, Katsuyoshi; Yamasaki, Yoshihiro; Noguchi, Yoshiyuki; Arisawa, Hidenori; and Yamashita, Seiji, to KAWASAKI JUKOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA Planetary gear device 09810312 Cl. F16H 57/0427.
Oberberger, Michael; to Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. System and method for authenticating storage media within an electronic gaming system 09811972 Cl. G07F 17/3241.
Oberhauser, Johann; and Tovar, Heinz, to DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GMBH Position measuring instrument 09810554 Cl. G01D 5/3473.
Oberson, Valerie: See--
Lee, Kang-Wook; Nah, Jae-Woong; Normand, Nathalie; and Oberson, Valerie 09808874 Cl. B23K 1/0016.
Oberste, Christopher Marc; Wang, Ben; and Wang, Kan, to Georgia Tech Research Corporation Interlaced three-dimensional printed composites and method for fabricating the same 09809926 Cl. D06M 15/53.
Raboisson, Aurelien; and Denis, Sylvestre 09811822 Cl. G06Q 20/3278.
Obradovic, Borna J.; Rakshit, Titash; Rodder, Mark S.; and Wang, Wei-E, to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Multi-VT gate stack for III-V nanosheet devices with reduced parasitic capacitance 09812449 Cl. H01L 27/088.
O'Brien, Barry James: See--
Curlander, James Christopher; Graybill, Jules Cook; Tappen, Marshall Friend; and O'Brien, Barry James 09811802 Cl. G06Q 10/087.
O'Brien, Christopher J.: See--
Galli, Robert D.; and O'Brien, Christopher J. 09810411 Cl. F21V 23/0414.
O'Brien, Christopher J.; and Wason, Andrew, to Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Operational system and architectural model for improved manipulation of video and time media data from networked time-based media 09812169 Cl. G11B 27/034.
OBrien, Daniel J: See--
Moeller, Douglas S; Pashby, Ronald W; OBrien, Daniel J; Merritt, John M; and Tarnutzer, Stephan A 09813436 Cl. H04L 63/1425.
O'Brien, Matthew M.: See--
Czinger, Kevin R.; Balzer, William Bradley; Penmetsa, Praveen Varma; Omohundro, Zachary Meyer; and O'Brien, Matthew M. 09809265 Cl. B62D 65/02.
O'Brien, Michael: See--
Yu, Eric; O'Brien, Michael; Akhter, Aamer; and Asadullah, Salman 09813300 Cl. H04L 41/12.
O'Brien, Timothy S.; and Camenga, Eric P., to Technologies Holdings Corp. Portable heating system and method for pest control 09807994 Cl. A01M 1/2094.
Obst Sander, Ulrike: See--
Ceccarelli, Simona M.; Conte, Aurelia; Kuehne, Holger; Kuhn, Bernd; Neidhart, Werner; Obst Sander, Ulrike; and Rudolph, Markus 09809599 Cl. C07D 491/048.
Obuchi, Masashi; and Taguchi, Koji, to TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA Vehicle traveling control device 09811092 Cl. G05D 1/0287.
Ocampo, Manuela: See--
Chen, Yangbin; Ocampo, Manuela; and Tandon, Ruchi 09810838 Cl. G02B 6/02395.
Ocaña Fernández, Alberto; Pandiella Alonso, Atanasio; and Morís Varas, Francisco, to ENTRECHEM, S.L. Antitumor activity of multi-kinase inhibitors in triple negative breast cancer 09808469 Cl. A61K 31/553.
Océ Printing Systems GmbH & Co. KG: See--
Schmidt, Joerg 09811290 Cl. G06F 3/1207.
Willems, Guido G.; and Kuypers, Hermanus M. 09809039 Cl. B41J 11/002.
Ochi, Naoya; to BRIDGESTONE CORPORATION Pneumatic tire 09809059 Cl. B60C 11/01.
Ochomogo, Maria G.: See--
Lin, Brian; Azelton, Kerry; Mazumder, Vismadeb; Ochomogo, Maria G.; Ouellette, William R.; Parrish, Bryan K.; Petrin, Michael J.; and Uriarte, Richard J. 09809789 Cl. C11D 17/049.
Ochrombel, Rene; to Novartis AG Process for making molded devices 09808966 Cl. B29C 39/026.
Ochs, Brett A.: See--
Holland, Gregory J.; Ochs, Brett A.; and Stangland, Gary R. 09807959 Cl. A01H 5/10.
Ochs, Matthew J.; to XEROX CORPORATION Methods, systems, and devices for inkjet color management 09809035 Cl. B41J 2/2132.
O'Connell, Brendan: See--
Tidwell, Kenny; Frampton, David; and O'Connell, Brendan 09811562 Cl. G06F 17/30477.
O'Connell, Brian M.: See--
Balasubramanian, Swaminathan; Hamilton, II, Rick A.; O'Connell, Brian M.; and Martinez Hernandez Magro, Agueda 09811792 Cl. G06Q 10/063118.
Baughman, Aaron K.; Harrison, Thomas Benjamin; O'Connell, Brian M.; and Pearthree, Herbert D. 09811387 Cl. G06F 9/5083.
O'Connell, Brian Marshall: See--
Baughman, Aaron Keith; and O'Connell, Brian Marshall 09811778 Cl. G06N 7/005.
O'Connell, Jr., Patrick S.; to Biomet Biologics, LLC Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating a component of a fluid 09808568 Cl. A61M 1/3693.
O'Connell, Shane; to Altera Corporation Methods and apparatus for rapid interrupt lookups 09811484 Cl. G06F 13/24.
O'Connor, Bryan D; and Fooksman, Eugene, to WHATSAPP INC. Combined authentication and encryption 09813250 Cl. H04L 9/3271.
O'Connor, Michael William: See--
Macbeth, Steven William; O'Connor, Michael William; Jiang, Zhaowei Charlie; Van Snellenberg, Michael; Jiang, Li; Sadhukha, Shajib; and Kumar, Amit 09811850 Cl. G06Q 30/0631.
O'Connor, Stacy Lynn: See--
Matthes, Robert William; O'Connor, Stacy Lynn; and Kwak, Sang Joon 09808729 Cl. A63H 18/08.
Gonzalez de la Rosa, Manuel 09808149 Cl. A61B 3/0025.
Miller, Robin Michael; Drinkwater, Jared I.; Magrath, Lesley Ribble; Bristol, Peter Wesley; and Sullivan, Joseph Patrick 09810911 Cl. G02B 27/0176.
Percival, Christopher 09812494 Cl. H01L 27/156.
Oda, Daizo: See--
Uno, Tomohiro; Hagiwara, Yoshiaki; Oyamada, Tetsuya; and Oda, Daizo 09812421 Cl. H01L 24/45.
Odanaka, Kenyo: See--
Sato, Shinji; and Odanaka, Kenyo 09810997 Cl. G03F 7/70341.
O'Dea, John; to Flip Technologies Limited Catheter and a system and a method for locating a catheter in a vessel 09808179 Cl. A61B 5/065.
Oden, Joshua Michael; and Holmes, James Bradford, to General Electric Company System and method for removing stator vanes from a casing of a rotary machine 09810083 Cl. F01D 9/042.
Odgaard, Peter Fogh; to KK WIND SOLUTIONS A/S Method for controlling a profile of a blade on a wind turbine 09810200 Cl. F03D 7/04.
Odnoblyudov, Vladimir: See--
Schubert, Martin F.; Odnoblyudov, Vladimir; and Schellhammer, Scott D. 09812606 Cl. H01L 33/0025.
O'Doherty, Simon P.: See--
Davies, Stephen A.; McCloskey, Daniel J.; and O'Doherty, Simon P. 09813261 Cl. H04L 12/6418.
Odom, Brian Keith: See--
Chandhoke, Sundeep; and Odom, Brian Keith 09813225 Cl. H04L 7/0008.
Odom, Wayne; and Gee, Karolyn System and device for conducting wagering games with a continuously modified map 09811968 Cl. G07F 17/3211.
O'Donnell, John Setel; von Behrens, Peter Emery; Heisler, Stuart M.; and Jackson, David Bruce, to Glasspoint Solar, Inc. Oilfield application of solar energy collection 09810451 Cl. F24J 2/42.
O'Donnell, Vivian K.: See--
Borca, Manuel V.; Gladue, Douglas P.; Holinka-Patterson, Lauren G.; Risatti, Guillermo R.; and O'Donnell, Vivian K. 09808520 Cl. A61K 39/12.
O'Donoghue, Darragh Evelyn Anthony Adam: See--
Clemens, J. Christopher; and O'Donoghue, Darragh Evelyn Anthony Adam 09810825 Cl. G02B 5/32.
Oduwaiye, Muhib Taiye: See--
Syed, Hussain Zaheer; Oduwaiye, Muhib Taiye; and Bhumkar, Sunmeel Meelind 09813148 Cl. H04B 7/212.
Oetiker NY, Inc.: See--
Kujawski, Jr., James Anthony; and Ihle, Nicholas Harvey 09810339 Cl. F16K 31/002.
Offenbeck, Bernd; and Arquint, Philipp, to Hamilton Bonaduz AG Apparatus and method for measuring a periodic signal 09810577 Cl. G01J 3/2803.
O'Flynn, Julian: See--
Giannozzi, Massimo; Giovannetti, Iacopo; Massini, Andrea; Aksel, Bulent; Lanaud, Christophe; O'Flynn, Julian; and Finn, Scott 09810235 Cl. F04D 29/289.
Oganesian, Vage: See--
Uzoh, Cyprian; Oganesian, Vage; and Mohammed, Ilyas 09812360 Cl. H01L 21/76898.
Ogasawara, Yukio: See--
Iryo, Hiroyuki; Shimazaki, Yoshiyuki; and Ogasawara, Yukio 09810570 Cl. G01F 23/72.
Ogata, Koichiro: See--
Kato, Toshitada; Sato, Naoya; Kamon, Shigeru; and Ogata, Koichiro 09812315 Cl. H01L 21/0206.
Ogata, Shingo: See--
Kimura, Miki; and Ogata, Shingo 09808981 Cl. B29C 49/0047.
Ogata, Takehito; Kiyohara, Masahiro; Irie, Kota; Sakata, Masao; and Uchida, Yoshitaka, to Clarion Co., Ltd. Vehicle-surroundings recognition device 09811742 Cl. G06K 9/00791.
Ogata, Tomoyuki: See--
Kanayama, Yoshihiko; Aoki, Hiro; Kai, Makoto; and Ogata, Tomoyuki 09810396 Cl. F21S 48/328.
Ogata, Toshihiko: See--
Maeda, Yoshinori; Sato, Atsushi; and Ogata, Toshihiko 09810356 Cl. F16L 23/02.
Ogata, Yusuke: See--
Fuwa, Hirofumi; Ogata, Yusuke; Yamazato, Sugiaki; Minato, Muneatsu; Koganei, Masakazu; and Mitsumoto, Toshinari 09809138 Cl. B60N 2/5825.
Ogata, Yuuki; and Koyanagi, Yoichi, to FUJITSU LIMITED Transmitting circuit, communication system, and communication method 09813188 Cl. H04L 1/0002.
Ogawa, Anthony; Edmondson, Scott; Erion, Mark; Neelamkavil, Santhosh; Guo, Zhuyan; Mal, Rudrajit; He, Jiafang; Liu, Weiguo; and Vande Bunte, Ellen K., to Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. Factor XIa inhibitors 09809545 Cl. C07D 213/64.
Ogawa, Hiroyuki: See--
Sugita, Yasuhiro; Kimura, Tomohiro; Yamagishi, Shinji; Ogawa, Hiroyuki; and Fujiwara, Kohji 09811216 Cl. G06F 3/044.
Ogawa, Satoru: See--
Kuramoto, Masafumi; Ogawa, Satoru; Suganuma, Katsuaki; and Kim, Keun-Soo 09812624 Cl. H01L 33/62.
Ogawa, Tadashi: See--
Kawata, Teppei; Satoh, Masahiko; Yoshikawa, Masaaki; Ishii, Kenji; Yoshinaga, Hiroshi; Ogawa, Tadashi; Imada, Takahiro; Takagi, Hiromasa; Saito, Kazuya; Iwaya, Naoki; Yamaji, Kensuke; Hase, Takamasa; Shimokawa, Toshihiko; Yuasa, Shuutaroh; Seshita, Takuya; Uchitani, Takeshi; Yoshiura, Arinobu; Gotoh, Hajime; and Suzuki, Akira 09811031 Cl. G03G 15/2053.
Ogawa, Taichi: See--
Enomoto, Norihide; Ogawa, Taichi; Hirama, Daisuke; Kuan, Kam Hon; Kuan, Mun Leong; Kuan, Eu Jin; Cheah, Mei Ling; and Mohd Zaidi, Bin Mat Satar 09808039 Cl. A41D 19/0082.
Ogawa, Tetsuji: See--
Kikuchi, Masami; and Ogawa, Tetsuji 09810008 Cl. E05C 3/14.
Ogawa, Yoshihiko: See--
Iwai, Takashi; Imamura, Daichi; Nishio, Akihiko; Ogawa, Yoshihiko; and Takeda, Kazuki 09813263 Cl. H04L 25/024.
Ogden, Jr., Peter W.: See--
Adams, Jason O.; Blair, Edward J.; Cooney, Andrew Karl; Jain, Soumya; Kirby, David A.; Lundy, Stephen; Mierta, Justin J.; Mistarz, Daniel W.; Newman, Jr., Robert C.; Ogden, Jr., Peter W.; Roe, Jonathan L.; Wu, Chen Ming; Zernhelt, Justin M.; and Chambers, Samuel F. 09810020 Cl. E06B 9/72.
Ogilvie, Thomas; Pruski, Matthäus; and Benz, Ramin, to Deutsche Post AG Method for delivering a shipment by an unmanned transport device 09811796 Cl. G06Q 10/083.
Ogino, Kosuke: See--
Naruse, Miki; Monde, Masafumi; Ishida, Tsutomu; and Ogino, Kosuke 09811035 Cl. G03G 15/5029.
Ogita, Tomoharu; Yamamoto, Atsushi; Tatani, Keiji; Ootsuka, Yoichi; and Tabuchi, Kiyotaka, to Sony Corporation Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus 09812480 Cl. H01L 27/1462.
Ogitani, Yusuke: See--
Masuda, Takeshi; Naito, Hiroyuki; Nakada, Takashi; Yoshida, Masao; Ashida, Shinji; Miyazaki, Hideki; Kasuya, Yuji; Morita, Koji; Abe, Yuki; and Ogitani, Yusuke 09808537 Cl. A61K 47/48715.
Ogiwara, Toshinari: See--
Kuma, Hitoshi; Kawamura, Yuichiro; Jinde, Yukitoshi; Ogiwara, Toshinari; and Hosokawa, Chishio 09812661 Cl. H01L 51/5028.
Oguchi, Ryo: See--
Suzuki, Shigeki; Harada, Koji; Hayashi, Tsuyoshi; Hara, Kazuhiko; Koike, Yasunori; and Oguchi, Ryo 09809029 Cl. B41J 2/16505.
Ogumi, Zempachi: See--
Matsui, Tooru; Ogumi, Zempachi; Hirai, Toshiro; and Nakata, Akiyoshi 09812264 Cl. H01G 11/04.
Ogura, Tetsuyoshi: See--
Wakuda, Daisuke; Ogura, Tetsuyoshi; and Matsumoto, Takashi 09814134 Cl. H05K 1/028.
Ogura, Yasunobu; to PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Processing device for label information for multi-viewpoint images and processing method for label information 09811943 Cl. G06T 15/20.
Oh, Chung Han; Kim, Yun Seok; and Park, Jong Kuk, to HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY Intermediate phase adjustment apparatus of CVVT 09810107 Cl. F01L 1/3442.
Oh, David Gon: See--
Janson, David Allen; Oh, David Gon; and Goleski, Gregory Daniel 09809105 Cl. B60K 6/445.
Oh, Eon Seok; Kim, Sang Yeol; Yi, Min Seong; and Choi, Bo Mi, to Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Organic light emitting diode display 09812515 Cl. H01L 27/3232.
Oh, Hyun Oh; Kwak, Jin Sam; and Son, Ju Hyung, to EMPIRE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LLC Generation of a pilot signal in a base station 09813203 Cl. H04L 5/0033.
Oh, Hyunhwan: See--
Moon, Kyunghee; Lee, Changho; Oh, Hyunhwan; Lee, Sangduck; Joung, Jeayoul; Kye, Jeongil; and Kim, Min-Joung 09808751 Cl. B01D 39/2055.
Oh, In Wook: See--
Hwang, Sung Wook; Lee, Jong Hyun; Yang, Jae Seok; Oh, In Wook; and Lee, Hyun Jae 09812356 Cl. H01L 21/76879.
Oh, Jin Hyung; Ko, Gwang Zeen; Kang, Hyun Duk; Kim, Igor; and Song, Myung Sun, to Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Frame transmission method performed in access point, frame reception method performed in terminal, and access point 09814092 Cl. H04W 80/02.
Oh, Kyoung-Sub: See--
Lee, Won-Seok; Khang, Seung-Tae; Kim, Yong-Hoon; Oh, Kyoung-Sub; and Yu, Jong-Won 09812789 Cl. H01Q 21/20.
Oh, Sang-Wook: See--
Kim, Do-Hyeon; Hwang, Seong-Taek; Ahn, Hee-Bum; Jang, Dong-Hoon; Kwon, Mu-Sik; Oh, Sang-Wook; and Park, Jeong-Wan 09811750 Cl. G06K 9/222.
Oh, Se Wook: See--
Lee, Sang Man; Oh, Se Wook; and Kwak, Mooseok 09812910 Cl. H02K 1/20.
Oh, Sesook: See--
Kim, Namki; Kang, Shinnyue; Jeon, Bongjeong; Yang, Yoonseok; Kim, Insuk; Oh, Sesook; Seo, Kyunghye; and Choi, Jian 09813993 Cl. H04W 52/0296.
Oh, Seung Hee; Park, Doo Ho; Cho, Jung Young; Chung, Jong Ho; Seo, Jung Wook; Park, Sung Yeol; Cho, Sung Nam; and Lee, Seung Min, to SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS CO., LTD. Sheet for shielding electromagnetic waves for wireless charging element 09813114 Cl. H04B 5/0025.
Oh, Seungja; Kim, Kyung Ah; Kim, Bo Gyou; Lee, Seung Hyun; and Lee, Ji Min, to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Anti-c-Met/anti-Ang2 bispecific antibody 09808507 Cl. A61K 38/18.
Oh, Soo Mi; and Yang, Moonock, to INFOBRIDGE PTE. LTD. Apparatus of decoding video data 09813712 Cl. H04N 19/124.
Oh, Su-byeong: See--
Koo, Bon-hyun; Oh, Su-byeong; Noh, Kyoung-lae; and Shin, Ki-eun 09813478 Cl. H04L 67/02.
Oh, Waho: See--
Yamada, Shohei; Uemura, Katsunari; Kato, Yasuyuki; Nakashima, Daiichiro; and Oh, Waho 09814049 Cl. H04W 72/048.
Oh, Young-ho: See--
Yun, Sung-ryul; and Oh, Young-ho 09813207 Cl. H04L 5/0048.
Ohara, Kiyotaka: See--
Yoshida, Shigetaka; Kojima, Atsushi; Matsumoto, Hideto; and Ohara, Kiyotaka 09811408 Cl. G06F 11/0784.
O'Hare, Aidan Michael: See--
Day, Shane Alistair; Yates, Barry; and O'Hare, Aidan Michael 09813003 Cl. H02P 8/34.
Ohashi, Kazumasa; and Okabe, Takeo, to JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation Tungsten sintered compact sputtering target and method for producing same 09812301 Cl. H01J 37/3426.
Ohashi, Keiya; and Maeda, Akiyoshi, to GREE, Inc. Non-transitory computer-readable medium, information processing system, and method 09808723 Cl. A63F 13/77.
Ohashi, Teruyuki; Shimizu, Tatsuo; and Iijima, Ryosuke, to Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same 09812529 Cl. H01L 29/1608.
Ohashi, Yoshinori: See--
Yonezawa, Taisuke; and Ohashi, Yoshinori 09808968 Cl. B29C 44/588.
Ohba, Akito; to Yamaha Corporation Support assembly and keyboard apparatus 09812108 Cl. G10H 1/346.
Ohga, Shunsuke: See--
Murakami, Kenya; Takahashi, Masaki; Mori, Taiji; Ohga, Shunsuke; Shibata, Shuhei; and Minegishi, Yuichiro 09810463 Cl. F25B 49/02.
Ohgushi, Tsutomu: See--
Matsumoto, Kenji; Ohgushi, Tsutomu; Takiguchi, Tsuyoshi; and Akizuki, Joji 09811230 Cl. G06F 3/047.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation: See--
Subramaniam, Vish; West, Joseph; Alkandry, Emily; Nasser, Mohd; Ahirwar, Dinesh; and Ganju, Ramesh 09809810 Cl. C12N 13/00.
Zhao, Lingying; Hadlocon, Lara Jane S.; and Manuzon, Roderick 09808758 Cl. B01D 53/58.
Ohira, Junko: See--
Yamamoto, Kunimitsu; Ueno, Yukiyoshi; Mizuno, Tomoyuki; and Ohira, Junko 09812742 Cl. H01M 10/446.
Ohishi, Ayako: See--
Tomoguchi, Suguru; Hayashida, Kenta; Nagano, Taro; Ohishi, Ayako; Kondo, Hirofumi; and Sugahara, Hiroto 09809031 Cl. B41J 2/17503.
Ohki, Mitsuharu; to Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation Image sensor, operating method therefor, and electronic device 09813626 Cl. H04N 5/23254.
Ohki, Yoshihito; and Narita, Tomoya, to Sony Corporation Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program 09811187 Cl. G06F 3/0412.
Ohl, James D.; and Murphy, Nathanael S., to Schlage Lock Company LLC System and method for assembling a door lock 09809996 Cl. E05B 9/08.
Ohlhafer, Olaf: See--
Jaegle, Felix; Ohlhafer, Olaf; Schoefer, Joerg; and Giezendanner-Thoben, Robert 09810179 Cl. F02M 21/0263.
Ohline, Robert Matthew: See--
Belson, Amir; Frey, Paul DeWitt; McElhaney, Christine Wei Hsien; Milroy, James Craig; Ohline, Robert Matthew; and Tartaglia, Joseph M. 09808140 Cl. A61B 1/00004.
Ohlsson, Nicklas: See--
Christiansson, Tomas; and Ohlsson, Nicklas 09811209 Cl. G06F 3/0421.
Ohmi, Tadahiro; Goto, Tetsuya; and Matsuoka, Takaaki, to NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CORPORATION TOHOKU UNIVERSITY Magnetron sputtering apparatus 09812302 Cl. H01J 37/3455.
Ohmori, Yoshiyuki: See--
Mori, Mitsuyoshi; Ohtsuki, Hirohisa; Ohmori, Yoshiyuki; Sato, Yoshihiro; and Miyagawa, Ryohei 09813651 Cl. H04N 5/378.
Ohnishi, Takayuki: See--
Hirose, Satoru; and Ohnishi, Takayuki 09812289 Cl. H01J 37/304.
Ohno, Hiroshi; Yamamoto, Yuichiro; Kato, Mitsuaki; and Hisano, Katsumi, to KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOSHIBA Lighting apparatus and light guide 09810378 Cl. F21K 9/232.
Ohno, Masakatsu: See--
Kumakura, Kayo; Idojiri, Satoru; Ohno, Masakatsu; Takeshima, Koichi; Hirakata, Yoshiharu; and Yokoyama, Kohei 09808937 Cl. B25J 15/0616.
Ohnuma, Hideto: See--
Yamazaki, Shunpei; Ohnuma, Hideto; and Takahashi, Kei 09812217 Cl. G11C 19/28.
Ohsaka, Ichiroh: See--
Maeda, Daisuke; Ohsaka, Ichiroh; and Hayashi, Masahide 09810734 Cl. G01R 31/2829.
Ohsawa, Hiroyoshi; Enami, Jumpei; and Hiramatsu, Keiichi, to ZENYAKU KOGYO KABUSHIKIKAISHA Anti-Staphylococcus antibody, method for manufacturing same, and usage of same 09809645 Cl. C07K 16/1271.
Ohsawa, Nobuharu: See--
Inoue, Hideko; Nakagawa, Tomoka; Seo, Satoshi; Ohsawa, Nobuharu; and Suzuki, Kunihiko 09812655 Cl. H01L 51/0085.
Ohsawa, Tsuyoshi: See--
Kumamoto, Masato; and Ohsawa, Tsuyoshi 09811108 Cl. G05G 1/40.
Ohshima, Atsushi: See--
Yamaguchi, Takehisa; Ohshima, Atsushi; Otake, Toshihiko; Kubo, Hiroaki; Hashimoto, Masaya; Iwai, Toshimichi; Nakajima, Tomoaki; and Morikawa, Takeshi 09813577 Cl. H04N 1/00904.
Ohshima, Takashi: See--
Shouji, Minami; Ohshima, Takashi; Oominami, Yuusuke; Morishita, Hideo; and Harada, Kunio 09812288 Cl. H01J 37/244.
Ohsie, David; and Lam, Cheuk, to EMC IP HOLDING COMPANY LLC Methods and apparatus for generating causality matrix and impacts using graph processing 09811588 Cl. G06F 17/3071.
Ohsugi, Tatsuya: See--
Wada, Yuuji; Kumagai, Naohiro; Kogure, Seiichi; Fujita, Junpei; Yogosawa, Kazuki; Sugirua, Kenji; Mizutani, Takehide; Ohsugi, Tatsuya; Haga, Hiroyoshi; and Ishii, Hirokazu 09811046 Cl. G03G 21/0005.
Ohta, Keizo: See--
Ito, Jun; and Ohta, Keizo 09808717 Cl. A63F 13/5255.
Ohtsuki, Hirohisa: See--
Mori, Mitsuyoshi; Ohtsuki, Hirohisa; Ohmori, Yoshiyuki; Sato, Yoshihiro; and Miyagawa, Ryohei 09813651 Cl. H04N 5/378.
Ohwatari, Yusuke; Takeda, Kazuaki; Nagata, Satoshi; and Sano, Yousuke, to NTT DOCOMO, INC. Base station, user apparatus and interference reduction method 09814054 Cl. H04W 72/082.
Ohyama, Kouichi: See--
Nishida, Mitsunori; Nishizawa, Osamu; Tamura, Wataru; Jinno, Keishi; and Ohyama, Kouichi 09814152 Cl. H05K 5/069.
Oidor, Juan Carlos: See--
Aguilar, Artemio Josue; Oidor, Juan Carlos; and Ramirez, Mario Oscar 09809308 Cl. B64D 9/003.
Oikawa, Makoto: See--
Yamasaki, Ryo; and Oikawa, Makoto 09812994 Cl. H02N 2/0055.
Oikawa, Takumi: See--
Tsuchiya, Toru; Oikawa, Takumi; Kanesaka, Yoshiyuki; and Ando, Satoshi 09810136 Cl. F01P 7/14.
Oiler, Jonathon Keith: See--
Chadwick, David Bartholomew; Oiler, Jonathon Keith; and Nicholson, Matthew Joseph 09810678 Cl. G01N 33/1886.
Oishi, Hidefumi: See--
Maeda, Kazuki; Kato, Takayuki; Watanabe, Shintaro; Oishi, Hidefumi; Sakai, Takashi; Chujo, Yuki; Ueda, Hiromi; Morisaku, Naoto; and Yamaguchi, Atsushi 09812682 Cl. H01M 2/1077.
Oishi, Yasusada: See--
Tsukamoto, Masashi; Yamamoto, Masataka; and Oishi, Yasusada 09812230 Cl. H01B 7/17.
Ojalvo, Shai; Schwartz, Yair; Gurgi, Eyal; and Kasorla, Yoav, to Apple Inc. Orphan block management in non-volatile memory devices 09811413 Cl. G06F 11/1008.
Ojima, Mai: See--
Honda, Kyoko; Koizumi, Yugo; and Ojima, Mai 09813688 Cl. H04N 9/73.
Oka, Akira; to FUJIKURA LTD. Substrate-type optical waveguide element 09810842 Cl. G02B 6/126.
Oka, Kiyohiro; and Makino, Wataru, to SONY CORPORATION Light source control apparatus, image display apparatus and light source control method 09813683 Cl. H04N 9/3155.
Oka, Takayuki: See--
Yotani, Takuya; Oka, Takayuki; and Muraki, Hideki 09810604 Cl. G01N 1/14.
Okabayashi, Hideyuki; Shimooka, Sokichi; Hishinuma, Yuui; Kanematsu, Terukazu; Katsutani, Yuya; Umetani, Shinichirou; Onishi, Yasumichi; and Otani, Atsushi, to BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Server system and method for controlling computer system 09808718 Cl. A63F 13/69.
Okabe, Junya: See--
Tamura, Toshiyuki; and Okabe, Junya 09814018 Cl. H04W 68/12.
Okabe, Koji: See--
Matsuura, Shuken; Okabe, Koji; and Hosobe, Tomoaki 09809203 Cl. B60S 1/583.
Okabe, Takao: See--
Igari, Yasuyuki; Kida, Shinobu; Watanabe, Tatsuya; and Okabe, Takao 09814147 Cl. H05K 5/006.
Okabe, Takeo: See--
Ohashi, Kazumasa; and Okabe, Takeo 09812301 Cl. H01J 37/3426.
Okada, Hideyuki: See--
Yagi, Tomoyuki; Kameshima, Toshio; Takenaka, Katsuro; Sato, Sho; Okada, Hideyuki; Iwashita, Atsushi; Sato, Eriko; and Ryu, Takuya 09812474 Cl. H01L 27/14609.
Okada, Katsuhiro: See--
Nishimura, Masato; Iwao, Yoshihiro; Okada, Katsuhiro; and Matsuoka, Kensuke 09808609 Cl. A61M 35/00.
Okada, Kayoko: See--
Imaji, Makoto; Okada, Kayoko; Tada, Yasuhiro; Sonobe, Naohiro; and Komatsu, Mayu 09812711 Cl. H01M 4/587.
Okada, Koji: See--
Fujii, Yoshihiro; Okada, Koji; Mayuzumi, Hiroyuki; and Tajiri, Masahisa 09813386 Cl. H04L 63/0428.
Okada, Mitsuhiro; and Hiraoka, Soichiro, to PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Variable wavelength optical filter module 09810576 Cl. G01J 3/26.
Okada, Nobuhiko; Yamamoto, Katsutoshi; Homma, Taichi; and Harima, Kazuyuki, to KAO CORPORATION Production method of fatty acid ester 09809531 Cl. C07C 67/60.
Okada, Noriyuki; to CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA Image forming apparatus having development contrast control 09811022 Cl. G03G 15/065.
Okagaki, Takeshi; Shibutani, Koji; Yabuuchi, Makoto; and Tsuda, Nobuhiro, to Renesas Electronics Corporation Semiconductor device 09812435 Cl. H01L 27/0207.
Okagami, Yoshihide; Nishimura, Mikinori; and Tamura, Yoshiteru, to J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation External tube, laser transmission path, and laser treatment tool 09810836 Cl. G02B 6/0096.
Okamoto, Atsushi; to HITACHI METALS, LTD. Method for producing porous aluminum foil, porous aluminum foil, positive electrode current collector for electrical storage devices, electrode for electrical storage devices, and electrical storage device 09812700 Cl. H01M 4/0469.
Okamoto, Hiromu; Suhara, Masayoshi; Nagase, Ryuichi; Shigetomi, Toshikazu; and Ishida, Morimasa, to MITSUBISHI AIRCRAFT CORPORATION Drainage system 09809298 Cl. B64C 5/02.
Okamoto, Jun: See--
Nakamura, Satoru; Hongo, Kazuhiro; Goto, Tetsuya; Hara, Yosuke; and Okamoto, Jun 09810371 Cl. F16M 13/022.
Okamoto, Keiichiro; Higashita, Risa; Li, Fushi; and Kojima, Makoto, to Tomey Corporation Anterior ocular segment optical coherence tomographic imaging device and anterior ocular segment optical coherence tomographic imaging method 09808152 Cl. A61B 3/1176.
Okamoto, Kimio; Abe, Noriyuki; Matsumoto, Yusuke; Yamada, Tetsuya; and Fujieda, Takuya, to Clarion Co., Ltd. In-vehicle terminal that measures electric field strengths of radio waves from information terminals 09813170 Cl. H04B 17/318.
Okamoto, Masanori; Maeda, Yukio; and Matsumoto, Shuji, to MURATA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Surge protection device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic component including the same 09814124 Cl. H05F 3/04.
Okamoto, Mayuko; Konno, Tohru; and Jonai, Kazuhiro, to TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Active energy ray-curable inkjet ink composition 09809723 Cl. C09D 11/322.
Okamoto, Shinichi; Satake, Shuuji; and Chiba, Shinngo, to Yazaki Corporation Alarm device for vehicle 09809166 Cl. B60Q 9/008.
Okamoto, Yoshiki: See--
Tabayashi, Shunsuke; Hirozawa, Hiroho; Takagi, Kentaro; Marutani, Yoshie; Okamoto, Yoshiki; Yamada, Hiroyuki; Furuno, Shuji; Sasaki, Takao; and Kimura, Masahiro 09808767 Cl. B01D 63/103.
Okamura, Toshiyuki: See--
Tanaka, Daichi; Sone, Tomoyuki; Endo, Chiaki; Terasaki, Yasunori; and Okamura, Toshiyuki 09813375 Cl. H04L 61/2517.
Okamura, Yuki: See--
Murata, Makoto; Sato, Koji; Shibuya, Naoki; and Okamura, Yuki 09813566 Cl. H04N 1/00196.
O'Kane, Patrick M.; and Saripalli, Hanumantha R., to Sprint Communications Company L.P. System and method linking use case documents to business process documents 09811793 Cl. G06Q 10/06316.
Okano, Satoru: See--
Nakamura, Kentaro; Kachita, Yoshito; Okano, Satoru; and Yamamoto, Yusaku 09813183 Cl. H04J 14/0221.
Okawachi, Eiji: See--
Shima, Toshihiko; Iwaguchi, Takashi; Fujiwara, Hidetoshi; Kuroyanagi, Munetoshi; Kubo, Toshikatsu; Okawachi, Eiji; Kondo, Masaaki; Yamashita, Akira; and Hayashi, Hidetsugu 09810327 Cl. F16K 1/42.
Okayasu, Tetsuo: See--
Wang, Xiaowei; Suzuki, Masato; Okayasu, Tetsuo; and Pawlowski, Georg 09810988 Cl. G03F 7/2002.
Okazaki, Shuji: See--
Kawada, Shuichi; Muranaka, Katsutaka; and Okazaki, Shuji 09808864 Cl. B22F 3/1007.
Okazawa, Atsuro; to OLYMPUS CORPORATION Image-capturing device, image-processing device, image-processing method, and image-processing program 09813687 Cl. H04N 9/646.
O'Keeffe, Sean: See--
Waniuk, Theodore A.; Stevick, Joseph; O'Keeffe, Sean; Stratton, Dermot J.; Poole, Joseph C.; Scott, Matthew S.; and Prest, Christopher D. 09810482 Cl. F27D 11/06.
Okerlund, Kawa-She Quoen: See--
Beck, Russ; Anderson, Eric; Peschmann, Joseph J.; Okerlund, Kawa-She Quoen; Walstrom, Todd; and Trowbridge, Todd 09809072 Cl. B60D 1/665.
Okerson, Ryan: See--
Avetian, Tadeh; Durden, Helen; Okerson, Ryan; Bambrogan, Brogan; and Giegel, Joshua 09809232 Cl. B61B 13/10.
Oki Data Corporation: See--
Kuribara, Nobuhiro 09813585 Cl. H04N 1/32771.
Suzuki, Takahito 09810816 Cl. G02B 3/0075.
Oki, Takahiko; and Nishiuchi, Hidekazu, to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Traffic light detecting device and traffic light detecting method 09811747 Cl. G06K 9/00825.
Oki, Yoshio: See--
Tanigawa, Naonari; and Oki, Yoshio 09808894 Cl. B23P 15/00.
Okikawa, Hiroshi: See--
Kibe, Tamotsu; Furuichi, Hisao; Okikawa, Hiroshi; and Kikuchi, Ryutaro 09812232 Cl. H01B 7/295.
Samatey, Fadel Alexis; Meshcheryakov, Vladimir A; Matsunami, Hideyuki; and Kitao, Akio 09809595 Cl. C07D 473/08.
Okino, Ayatomo: See--
Yomoda, Nobuyuki; Okino, Ayatomo; Jimba, Manabu; Kamura, Akihito; and Enokuchi, Takashi 09811024 Cl. G03G 15/0877.
Okita, Tadashi: See--
Yamamoto, Kenta; and Okita, Tadashi 09812947 Cl. H02M 1/32.
Oklejas, Jr., Eli; to Fluid Equipment Development Company, LLC Reverse osmosis system with control based on flow rates in the permeate and brine streams 09808764 Cl. B01D 61/025.
Okonski, David A.: See--
Smith, Mark A.; Zhao, Xiang; Daul, Ronald Charles; Okonski, David A.; Lindstrom, Lane G.; Santos, Elmer B.; and Abell, Jeffrey A. 09812684 Cl. H01M 2/1083.
Oksanen, Ilona; Kääriäinen, Susanna; Koskenniemi, Kerttu; Virolainen, Nina; and Hernesniemi, Saara, to DUCTOR OY Extraction of nitrogen from organic materials through ammonification by mixed bacterial populations 09809795 Cl. C12N 1/20.
Okuda, Atsushi: See--
Noguchi, Kazunori; Ishiduka, Yuka; Yamamoto, Yuki; Okuda, Atsushi; Maruyama, Akihiro; Fujii, Atsushi; Nakamura, Nobuhiro; and Sakuma, Kazuko 09811008 Cl. G03G 5/04.
Okuda, Jun; and Mitsuno, Satoshi, to UNICHARM CORPORATION Bulk recovery apparatus for nonwoven fabric and bulk recovery method for the same 09809913 Cl. D06C 7/00.
Okuma Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.: See--
Chang, Liang-Jen; and Liao, Ching-Po 09807991 Cl. A01K 89/046.
Okunaka, Sayuri: See--
Tokudome, Hiromasa; and Okunaka, Sayuri 09808791 Cl. B01J 23/58.
Okura, Kenji; Ito, Chikara; and Iida, Mitsuru, to PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Cable holding member, plug connector, connector device, flat cable, and method for assembling plug connector 09812801 Cl. H01R 12/774.
Okura, Tomohiro: See--
Sakai, Yoshio; Takehara, Tomoko; Okura, Tomohiro; and Tsuji, Taishi 09808184 Cl. A61B 5/11.
Ökvist, Peter: See--
Jönsson, Tomas; Arngren, Tommy; Wänstedt, Stefan; and Ökvist, Peter 09811161 Cl. G06F 3/013.
Pagendarm, Ralph; and Rose, Peter 09808823 Cl. B05C 1/0813.
Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.: See--
Scherer, Ronald J.; Browning, Leonard; Lundell, Robert J.; and Hinde, Steven E. 09808957 Cl. B28B 1/29.
Oldknow, Andrew G. V.; and Boyd, Robert M., to Karsten Manufacturing Corporation Iron-type golf club head or other ball striking device 09808683 Cl. A63B 53/047.
Olejarski, Michael J.: See--
Mitchell, David J.; Olejarski, Michael J.; and Muller, Christopher J. 09808889 Cl. B23K 31/02.
Olesen, Niels A.; Bender, David A.; and Bareman, Donald L., to GENTEX CORPORATION Laser system and method thereof 09808888 Cl. B23K 26/38.
Oleson, Jim; and Holcombe, Roger 09812378 Cl. H01L 23/473.
Oleson, Jim; and Holcombe, Roger, to OLESON CONVERGENT SOLUTIONS LLC Packaging for high power integrated circuits and infrared emitter arrays 09812378 Cl. H01L 23/473.
Oleson, Mark A.; Kovach, F. Grant; Dau, Nathan; and Nelligan, Angela, to Under Armour, Inc. Wearable data hub 09808701 Cl. A63B 71/0619.
Olferiev, Mikhail: See--
Crow, Mary K.; and Olferiev, Mikhail 09809854 Cl. C12Q 1/6883.
Oli, Monika: See--
Wang, Kevin Ka-Wang; Oli, Monika; and Liu, Ming-Cheng 09810698 Cl. G01N 33/6896.
Oliver, Douglas W.; to Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Utilizing computing resources under a disabled processor node without fully enabling the disabled processor node 09811345 Cl. G06F 9/4401.
Oliver, Victor Method and apparatus for constructing pallets 09809351 Cl. B65D 19/14.
Olli, Jukka; Sieppi, Paavo; Yleva, Hannu; Makkonen, Heikki; Suhanko, Antti; and Jokelainen, Jari, to BOMBARDIER RECREATIONAL PRODUCTS INC. Six-wheel all-terrain vehicle 09809270 Cl. B62K 5/01.
Olofsson, Henrik: See--
Ji, Li; Olofsson, Henrik; and Wang, Jun 09813954 Cl. H04W 36/0083.
OLON S.p.A.: See--
Sada, Mara; Garis, Faris; and Bertolini, Giorgio 09809554 Cl. C07D 223/16.
Olorode, Oluleye; and Nourani, Mehrdad, to TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED Static power reduction in caches using deterministic naps 09811148 Cl. G06F 1/3275.
Olsen, Christopher S.: See--
Rogers, Matthew Scott; Hua, Zhong Qiang; and Olsen, Christopher S. 09809881 Cl. C23C 16/513.
Olsen, III, John A.; Bradley, David L.; and Hendrix, Matthew S., to United Parcel Service of America, Inc. Systems and methods for managing fault codes 09811951 Cl. G07C 5/0808.
Olsen, Martin: See--
Chapman, Peter John; and Olsen, Martin 09813805 Cl. H04R 1/345.
Olsen, Ole Fogh: See--
Bjelosevic, Adis; and Olsen, Ole Fogh 09813825 Cl. H04R 25/405.
Olson, Christopher A.: See--
Olson, Christopher A. 09811579 Cl. G06F 17/30595.
Olson, Christopher A.; to Olson, Christopher A. Document relational mapping 09811579 Cl. G06F 17/30595.
Olson, Edwin: See--
Richardson, Andrew; and Olson, Edwin 09811760 Cl. G06K 9/6202.
Olson, Emilia: See--
Tsien, Roger; Olson, Emilia; Jiang, Tao; Nguyen, Quyen; and Whitney, Michael 09808532 Cl. A61K 47/48215.
Olson, Erik C.; and Sivernail, Carter M., to ECOLAB USE INC. Rinse aid composition comprising a terpolmer of maleic, vinyl acetate and ethyl acrylate 09809786 Cl. C11D 3/3757.
Olson, Gary J.: See--
Ballough, Matthew E.; Martin, Thomas J.; Brunssen, Kirk A.; Gale, Timothy S.; Dunbar, Timothy E.; Garrison, II, Lawrence F.; and Olson, Gary J. 09808883 Cl. B23K 20/10.
Olson, Marc Stephen: See--
Brouwer, Pieter Kristian; Brenneman, Kristina Kraemer; Brooker, Marc John; Lin, Jerry; and Olson, Marc Stephen 09811376 Cl. G06F 9/4856.
Olson, Mark: See--
Kuppan, Skandan Berikai; Marappan, Bharath; Awarad, Mallikarjun; Werbelow, Jeff; and Olson, Mark 09809309 Cl. B64D 9/003.
Olsson, Mark S.: See--
Chapman, Eric M.; and Olsson, Mark S. 09810332 Cl. F16K 17/06.
Olvera-Hernandez, Ulises: See--
Ahmad, Saad; Helmy, Amir; Wang, Guanzhou; Canonne-Velasquez, Loic; Olvera-Hernandez, Ulises; and Watfa, Mahmoud 09813842 Cl. H04W 4/005.
Asakura, Masanori; Nagaoka, Tomonori; and Shimada, Nao 09809837 Cl. C12Q 1/37.
Hareyama, Norihiko; and Kabaya, Akinori 09808305 Cl. A61B 18/10.
Honda, Kyoko; Koizumi, Yugo; and Ojima, Mai 09813688 Cl. H04N 9/73.
Hori, Fumio; Kobayashi, Eiichi; and Konomura, Yutaka 09813674 Cl. H04N 7/18.
Kimura, Hiroyuki 09810895 Cl. G02B 21/367.
Miyashita, Naoyuki 09813640 Cl. H04N 5/2628.
Mizusawa, Masayuki 09810886 Cl. G02B 13/04.
Morooka, Masaru 09810878 Cl. G02B 9/64.
Nishiwaki, Daisuke 09810896 Cl. G02B 21/367.
Okazawa, Atsuro 09813687 Cl. H04N 9/646.
Ono, Makoto; Akahane, Nana; Saito, Masashi; Hagihara, Yoshio; and Yamazaki, Susumu 09813645 Cl. H04N 5/357.
Sone, Nobuhiko; and Takato, Hideyasu 09808141 Cl. A61B 1/00096.
Tsuchiya, Hitoshi; and Sato, Tomoyuki 09813686 Cl. H04N 9/3194.
Olyunin, Nikolay N.: See--
Chernokalov, Alexander G.; Olyunin, Nikolay N.; Makurin, Mikhail N.; Arkhipenkov, Vladimir Y.; Kim, Ki Young; and Ryu, Young Ho 09812902 Cl. H02J 17/00.
Omae, Tadeu Kendy de Oliveira: See--
Reiss, Matthias; Jourdan, Nicolas; Schliwa, Ralf; De Gutz, Donald; Reis, Gabriel Ribeiro; Passos Ikuno, Denise Renata; Shintate, Liana Maki; Omae, Tadeu Kendy de Oliveira; Otsuka, Lucas Marques; and De Antonio, Lucas Neumann 09809239 Cl. B62B 3/004.
O'Mahony, Eoin: See--
Nickels, John Mark; and O'Mahony, Eoin 09813510 Cl. H04L 67/16.
O'Mahony, John; to Gambro Lundia AB Diaphragm repositioning for pressure pod using position sensing 09808567 Cl. A61M 1/3639.
O'Malley, Vincent: See--
Cornelius, Jack C.; and O'Malley, Vincent 09808375 Cl. A61F 9/028.
OMAX Corporation: See--
Raghavan, Chidambaram; Stang, Darren; and Veenhuizen, Scott D. 09810205 Cl. F04B 11/005.
Omess, Jeremy Sabri: See--
Gorin, Thomas Michael; Hutchinson, James Loye; Jones, Cassidy Amber; Omess, Jeremy Sabri; Nuñez, Nicolas Juan; and McBride, Hagan Seth 09812811 Cl. H01R 13/60.
Omnitracs, LLC: See--
Mays, Wesley M.; and Glasmann, Richard 09810542 Cl. G01C 21/34.
OmniVision Technologies, Inc.: See--
Fan, Chun-Sheng; and Lin, Wei-Feng 09812478 Cl. H01L 27/14618.
Omohundro, Zachary Meyer: See--
Czinger, Kevin R.; Balzer, William Bradley; Penmetsa, Praveen Varma; Omohundro, Zachary Meyer; and O'Brien, Matthew M. 09809265 Cl. B62D 65/02.
Omori, Takashi; and Koga, Seiji, to MURATA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Ceramic electronic component 09812258 Cl. H01G 4/008.
Omoto, Seiichi: See--
Hu, Ming; Takewaki, Toshiyuki; and Omoto, Seiichi 09812398 Cl. H01L 23/53271.
Omoto, Tatsuya; Nakamizo, Eiichi; and Sakaguchi, Tomoya, to NTN CORPORATION Retainer segment for a roller bearing for supporting a main shaft of a wind-power generator 09810263 Cl. F16C 33/513.
OMRON Corporation: See--
Hozumi, Akihiro 09812267 Cl. H01H 9/063.
Kurata, Gouo 09810945 Cl. G02F 1/133615.
Matsunaga, Jumpei; and Kobayashi, Masayuki 09811888 Cl. G06T 5/005.
Minato, Yoshihisa; and Yanagawa, Yukiko 09812086 Cl. G09G 5/024.
Sakai, Shun 09811715 Cl. G06K 9/00228.
Omura, Tetsuo; and Abe, Kazuyoshi, to TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA Internal combustion engine 09810141 Cl. F02B 23/104.
Buzz, Leonard 09811612 Cl. G06F 17/5004.
On Target Laboratories, LLC: See--
Kularatne, Sumith A.; Low, Philip S.; Gagare, Pravin; and Myers, Carrie 09808538 Cl. A61K 49/0052.
Ondrisek, Thomas; and Mündle, Klaus, to Tridonic GmbH & Co KG Voltage converter for operating lamps 09814113 Cl. H05B 33/0851.
OneD Material LLC: See--
Zhu, Yimin; Du, Chunsheng; and Shin, Joon 09812699 Cl. H01M 4/045.
Ong, Teck Siong: See--
Park, Jonathan C.; Lai, Yau Kok; Ong, Teck Siong; and Liew, Yin Hao 09811628 Cl. G06F 17/5077.
Onishi, Kenji: See--
Kiyono, Kunihiko; Onishi, Kenji; Nagahama, Yasuharu; and Watanabe, Takashi 09808440 Cl. A61K 31/353.
Onishi, Yasumichi: See--
Okabayashi, Hideyuki; Shimooka, Sokichi; Hishinuma, Yuui; Kanematsu, Terukazu; Katsutani, Yuya; Umetani, Shinichirou; Onishi, Yasumichi; and Otani, Atsushi 09808718 Cl. A63F 13/69.
Onishi, Yuzo; to KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Sheet conveying device having a corrugation member and image forming apparatus therewith 09809406 Cl. B65H 29/70.
Ono, Akihito; to BROTHER KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA Liquid cartridge 09809032 Cl. B41J 2/17503.
Ono, Atsushi: See--
Tomiyama, Morio; Gyoten, Hisaaki; Mino, Norihisa; Taomoto, Akira; Ono, Atsushi; and John, Stephen William 09809463 Cl. C02F 1/04.
Ono, Makoto; Akahane, Nana; Saito, Masashi; Hagihara, Yoshio; and Yamazaki, Susumu, to Olympus Corporation Image sensor, imaging device, endoscope, and endoscopic system 09813645 Cl. H04N 5/357.
Ono, Masafumi: See--
Nobutani, Naoya; Ono, Masafumi; Hayashi, Manabu; Yamamoto, Kunitoshi; and Suzuki, Toru 09811299 Cl. G06F 3/1267.
Shiraishi, Keiko; Narushima, Kazuhiko; Azuma, Koichi; Horie, Hidenori; Kuroishi, Kenji; Ono, Masafumi; Takeuchi, Yuri; and Miyauchi, Riwako 09811045 Cl. G03G 15/80.
Ono, Masahiro: See--
Takano, Akira; Nakagawa, Takashi; and Ono, Masahiro 09812694 Cl. H01M 2/34.
Ono, Masashi; to NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD. Vehicle control device and control method 09809216 Cl. B60W 20/13.
Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: See--
Yashiro, Kentaro; Wakamatsu, Daisuke; and Saito, Tetsuji 09809544 Cl. C07D 213/61.
Ono, Robert J.: See--
Boday, Dylan J.; Garcia, Jeannette M.; Hedrick, James L.; Ono, Robert J.; and Wojtecki, Rudy J. 09809680 Cl. C08G 75/02.
Ono, Takatsugu; to FUJITSU LIMITED System, control device, and method 09811283 Cl. G06F 3/0635.
Ono, Tomohiro; to TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA Sealed battery 09812690 Cl. H01M 2/30.
Ono, Tomoyuki: See--
Hirahara, Seiichirou; Seki, Youji; Ono, Tomoyuki; Furuuchi, Fumito; and Nagayoshi, Maiko 09809499 Cl. C04B 35/465.
Ono, Yasunori; Matsuo, Takahide; Miyamoto, Naoya; Oyama, Taku; Koseki, Kentaro; and Hirobe, Ryoji, to Hitachi, Ltd. Transformer 09812250 Cl. H01F 27/365.
Onodera, Hitoshi: See--
Akama, Hiroshi; and Onodera, Hitoshi 09810120 Cl. F01N 3/2013.
Onodera, Mari: See--
Imai, Shin-ichi; Kumagai, Hironori; and Onodera, Mari 09814127 Cl. H05H 1/48.
Onosaka, Hitonobu: See--
Ishihara, Masamichi; Oyama, Kenshu; Murakami, Shoji; and Onosaka, Hitonobu 09812621 Cl. H01L 33/60.
Onose, Takashi; Kakizaki, Kouji; and Wakabayashi, Osamu, to Gigaphoton Inc. Lasersystem 09812841 Cl. H01S 3/2391.
Onozawa, Yuichi: See--
Yoshimura, Takashi; Kuribayashi, Hidenao; Onozawa, Yuichi; Nakano, Hayato; and Ozaki, Daisuke 09812561 Cl. H01L 29/7397.
Onufryk, Peter Z.: See--
Micheloni, Rino; Marelli, Alessia; Onufryk, Peter Z.; and Norrie, Christopher I. W. 09813080 Cl. H03M 13/1131.
Onuma, Tomoya: See--
Sako, Yoichiro; Hayashi, Kazunori; Nakamura, Takatoshi; Onuma, Tomoya; Kon, Takayasu; Tange, Akira; Hanaya, Hiroyuki; Yajima, Masakazu; and Asada, Kohei 09810926 Cl. G02C 11/10.
Ooba, Osamu; to Sony Corporation Displaying operations performed by multiple users 09811349 Cl. G06F 9/4443.
Ooga, Junichiro: See--
Igarashi, Takuma; Wakai, Satoshi; Arakita, Kazumasa; Ishii, Hideaki; Fujisawa, Yasuko; Kaminaga, Shigeo; Hirohata, Kenji; and Ooga, Junichiro 09811907 Cl. G06T 7/0014.
Ooi, Kooi Chi: See--
Cheah, Bok Eng; Periaman, Shanggar; Ooi, Kooi Chi; and Kong, Jackson Chung Peng 09812425 Cl. H01L 25/0652.
Ooi, Toong Erh; Cheah, Bok Eng; and Nimkar, Nitesh, to Intel Corporation Embedded die-down package-on-package device 09812422 Cl. H01L 24/82.
Ooka, Yutaka: See--
Miyazawa, Shinji; and Ooka, Yutaka 09812479 Cl. H01L 27/14618.
Ookita, Kenzou: See--
Shimoda, Sugirou; Ookita, Kenzou; Satou, Keisuke; and Watanabe, Kazuto 09809489 Cl. C03C 17/10.
Ookubo, Takahiro: See--
Yamada, Hideki; Ookubo, Takahiro; and Abe, Satoshi 09808925 Cl. B25D 17/24.
Oomae, Kentaro: See--
Aoki, Isamu; Hyodo, Koji; Tanaka, Tetsuji; and Oomae, Kentaro 09810164 Cl. F02D 31/009.
Oominami, Yuusuke: See--
Shouji, Minami; Ohshima, Takashi; Oominami, Yuusuke; Morishita, Hideo; and Harada, Kunio 09812288 Cl. H01J 37/244.
Oommen, Abraham; Greenleaf, Matthew; Koch, Adam; and Sarkar, Amitabha, to STEM ARTS PROJECTS, LLC Wavelength scanning apparatus and method of use thereof 09810631 Cl. G01N 21/6428.
Oommen, Toji: See--
Wilbur, Michael; Ellsworth, Jason; Oommen, Toji; Mohapatra, Adarsha; and Thayer, David 09813512 Cl. H04L 67/18.
Oooka, Masako: See--
Inoue, Masanobu; Mitomo, Kikuo; Oooka, Masako; and Tokumo, Kazuyuki 09808372 Cl. A61F 9/0017.
Oostendorp, Michael: See--
Swart, Gina Mercia; Haas, Ulrich Johannes; Oostendorp, Michael; and Wolf, Hanno Christian 09808007 Cl. A01N 43/56.
Ootagaki, Takashi: See--
Hayashi, Konosuke; Ootagaki, Takashi; and Matsui, Emi 09811096 Cl. G05D 11/13.
Ootake, Masahiro: See--
Kobayashi, Mikiharu; Ootake, Masahiro; Masaki, Katsuya; and Sakiyama, Tomoaki 09807990 Cl. A01K 89/0193.
Ootsuka, Yoichi: See--
Ogita, Tomoharu; Yamamoto, Atsushi; Tatani, Keiji; Ootsuka, Yoichi; and Tabuchi, Kiyotaka 09812480 Cl. H01L 27/1462.
Ooya, Yoshinobu: See--
Nagai, Kenji; and Ooya, Yoshinobu 09812996 Cl. H02N 13/00.
Op De Beeck, Joel: See--
Van Schaftingen, Jules-Joseph; Op De Beeck, Joel; and Choi, Jae Sik 09810121 Cl. F01N 3/2066.
Opalsky, David: See--
Hagen, Norbert D.; Knight, Byron J.; and Opalsky, David 09810622 Cl. G01N 21/15.
Opel, Carl: See--
Valenti, Jr., F. Paul; Opel, Carl; and Hedger, Daniel P. 09812040 Cl. G09F 3/10.
Open Invention Network, LLC: See--
Rodrigues, Derek 09811304 Cl. G06F 3/1454.
Suit, John Michael 09813353 Cl. H04L 47/70.
Open Text SA ULC: See--
Khoyi, Dana Lawrence; Pratt, John Martin; and Patino-Bueno, John 09813381 Cl. H04L 63/04.
Ophir, Eyal: See--
Bell, Matthew; Chennavasin, Tipatat; Clanton, Charles H.; Hulme, Michael; Ophir, Eyal; and Vieta, Matthew 09811166 Cl. G06F 3/017.
OPKO Biologics Ltd.: See--
Hershkovitz, Oren; and Bar-Ilan, Ahuva 09808534 Cl. A61K 47/48246.
Oprea, Gabriela-Elena: See--
Sahin, Ugur; Türeci, Özlem; Koslowski, Michael; Helftenbein, Gerd; Walter, Korden; Wöll, Stefan; and Oprea, Gabriela-Elena 09809815 Cl. C12N 15/113.
Gilbert, Raymond; Yavrian, Artashes; Levesque, Marc; and Tremblay, Steeve 09813017 Cl. H02S 40/22.
Optimark, L.L.C.: See--
Moreno De Ayala, Oscar; and Tirkel, Anatol Zygmunt 09813181 Cl. H04J 13/12.
Rothman, Nathan F.; and Dempster, Ian 09810438 Cl. F24D 19/1033.
Optis Cellular Technology, LLC: See--
Lee, Dae Won; Kim, Ki Jun; Roh, Dong Wook; Noh, Yu Jin; Ahn, Joon Kui; and Lee, Jung Hoon 09814033 Cl. H04W 72/042.
Kohola, Jukka; and Pessa, Marko 09810584 Cl. G01K 7/01.
Baldemair, Robert; and Astely, David 09814072 Cl. H04W 74/0833.
O'Quinn, Christopher R. G.: See--
Martin, Daniel; O'Quinn, Christopher R. G.; Spyker, James D.; and Yao, Yongfeng 09811577 Cl. G06F 17/30578.
Oracle International Corporation: See--
Bansal, Ganesh 09811359 Cl. G06F 9/44505.
Cohen, Ariel; Anand, Abhinav; Aulagnier, Pierre; Cheung, Gerald; Cochinwala, Naveed; Lockwood, Greg; Sundaresan, Ganesh; Tadikonda, Susheel; Venkataraghavan, Vikram; and Wong, Ming 09813283 Cl. H04L 29/08549.
Di Blas, Andrea; Schlegel, Benjamin; Idicula, Sam; Petride, Sabina; Pasupuleti, Kantikiran; and Agarwal, Nipun 09811560 Cl. G06F 17/30448.
Duggana, Satish; and Shukla, Ashok 09813492 Cl. H04L 67/1034.
Glover, Frederick S.; Sanderson, George; and Graves, Jr., Donald Allan 09813491 Cl. H04L 67/1002.
Idicula, Sam; Basant, Aarti; Aggarwal, Vikas; Wolf, Stephan; and Agarwal, Nipun 09813490 Cl. H04L 67/10.
Jeong, Chae Hun; Papineau, Christopher Bartlett; Pandey, Pradip Kumar; and Bali, Gurbinder Singh 09811433 Cl. G06F 11/2257.
Lee, Jin-Hyoung; Zheng, Xuezhe; Lee, Daniel Y.; Luo, Ying; and Krishnamoorthy, Ashok V. 09812845 Cl. H01S 5/5027.
Mohamad Abdul, Mohamad Raja Gani; Jayanti Venkata, Bhagavati Kumar; Maheshwari, Harsh; Pattar, Nagaraj; and Verma, Ravi 09813407 Cl. H04L 63/0823.
Nanjundaswamy, Vijay Kyathanahalli 09811386 Cl. G06F 9/5077.
Revanuru, Naresh; Phan, Lenny; and Oaks, Scott 09811541 Cl. G06F 17/30286.
Shubin, Ivan; Zheng, Xuezhe; Yao, Jin; Lee, Jin-Hyoung; Bovington, Jock T.; Lin, Shiyun; and Krishnamoorthy, Ashok V. 09812842 Cl. H01S 5/026.
Sindelar, Stepan; Krishnan, Padmanabhan; Scholz, Bernhard; Ramesh, Raghavendra Kagalavadi; and Lu, Yi 09811322 Cl. G06F 8/433.
Srinivasan, Arvind; and Muller, Shimon 09813362 Cl. H04L 49/901.
Su, Jianghui 09813227 Cl. H04L 7/0087.
Vidhun, Saheli Dey; and Dharmadhikari, Amol 09813426 Cl. H04L 63/108.
Jung, Joel; and Viswanathan, Kartik 09813735 Cl. H04N 19/597.
Orange Music Electronics Company Limited: See--
Cooper, Cliff; Fallon, Andrew; and Arrowsmith, Colin 09810733 Cl. G01R 31/25.
Orazov, Marat; and Davis, Mark E., to California Institute of Technology Production of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids and esters from higher sugars using tandem catalyst systems 09809528 Cl. C07C 67/00.
Orbital ATK, Inc.: See--
Atkinson, Leonard A. 09813145 Cl. H04B 7/18515.
Oremus, Bas; to SCANIA CV AB Device and method for assessing accident risks to a moving vehicle 09812016 Cl. G08G 1/16.
Oren, John; and Oren, Joshua, to OREN TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Apparatus for the transport and storage of proppant 09809381 Cl. B65D 90/12.
Oren, Joshua: See--
Oren, John; and Oren, Joshua 09809381 Cl. B65D 90/12.
Oren, John; and Oren, Joshua 09809381 Cl. B65D 90/12.
Orenstein, Michael Levi: See--
Hoffman, Michael T.; Crankson, Kwamina; Nims, Jason; Orenstein, Michael Levi; and White, Kristen Laina 09808670 Cl. A63B 24/0062.
Ori, Tetsuya; and Cho, Michio, to FUJIFILM Corporation Zoom lens and imaging apparatus 09810889 Cl. G02B 15/163.
Yamashita, Takuto; Saito, Tomoyuki; and Sudo, Masahiro 09809017 Cl. B32B 37/12.
Orndorff, Jason Matthew: See--
Pallotta, Shawn Christopher; Orndorff, Jason Matthew; Broad, Gavin John; Tecleab, Adal Amine; and Breithaupt, Cullen Joseph 09809336 Cl. B65B 9/00.
Orosa, John A.: See--
Akturk, Ali; Rodriguez, Jose L.; Wasdell, David L.; Orosa, John A.; and Montgomery, Matthew D. 09810099 Cl. F01D 25/30.
Oroskar, Siddharth: See--
Singh, Jasinder Pal; Oroskar, Siddharth; Manchanda, Nitesh; and Malhotra, Rajil 09813961 Cl. H04W 36/14.
Orr, Raymond Kenneth: See--
Bacque, James Benson; Orr, Raymond Kenneth; and Keyes, Edward Patrick 09812863 Cl. H02J 3/18.
Orr, Sara A.; McNally, Rosemary; Schmidt, Christopher M.; and Dhandu, Siva Sandeep, to Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc. Reconfiguring wireless device capability and performance 09813896 Cl. H04W 8/22.
Orsi, III, John Francis: See--
Pierce, Darrell; and Orsi, III, John Francis 09809085 Cl. B60H 1/00742.
Orsini, Thomas; Simonelli, Robert; and Kalinowski, Michael A., to Sealed Air Corporation (US) Counterbalanced servo end seal carriages 09809341 Cl. B65B 59/02.
Ortega, Daniel: See--
Stavrou, Kyriakos A.; Gibert Codina, Enric; Codina, Josep M.; Gomez Requena, Crispin; Gonzalez, Antonio; Hyuseinova, Mirem; Kotselidis, Christos E.; Latorre, Fernando; Lopez, Pedro; Lupon, Marc; Madriles Gimeno, Carlos; Magklis, Grigorios; Marcuello, Pedro; Martinez Vicente, Alejandro; Martinez, Raul; Ortega, Daniel; Pavlou, Demos; Tournavitis, Georgios; and Xekalakis, Polychronis 09811341 Cl. G06F 9/3804.
Ortel, Timothy: See--
Burrell, Dennis; Jufer, Christopher; Ortel, Timothy; and Vogel, Brian 09812758 Cl. H01Q 1/007.
Orth, Peter: See--
Presta, Leonard G.; Beyer, Brian M.; Ingram, Richard N.; Orth, Peter; and Liu, Yan-Hui 09809648 Cl. C07K 16/244.
Ortiz and Associates Consulting, LLC: See--
Ortiz, Luis Miguel; and Ortiz, Luis M. 09811737 Cl. G06K 9/00758.
Ortiz, Luis M.: See--
Ortiz, Luis Miguel; and Ortiz, Luis M. 09811737 Cl. G06K 9/00758.
Shore, Michael W.; Chan, Alfonso G.; Ortiz, Luis M.; and Lopez, Kermit D. 09811976 Cl. G07F 17/3288.
Ortiz, Luis Miguel; and Ortiz, Luis M., to Ortiz and Associates Consulting, LLC Methods and systems enabling access by portable wireless handheld devices to data associated with programming rendering on flat panel displays 09811737 Cl. G06K 9/00758.
Ortiz-Yepes, Diego Alejandro: See--
Baentsch, Michael; Buhler, Peter; Dykeman, Harold D; Hermann, Reto J; Hoering, Frank; Kuyper-Hammond, Michael P; Ortiz-Yepes, Diego Alejandro; and Weigold, Thomas D 09811646 Cl. G06F 21/121.
Ortmann, Walter Joseph: See--
Zhang, Chen; Johri, Rajit; Kuang, Ming Lang; Doering, Jeffrey Allen; Wang, Xiaoyong; Ortmann, Walter Joseph; Nedorezov, Felix; and Gibson, Alexander O'Connor 09809212 Cl. B60W 10/10.
Osada, Hiroyuki: See--
Hanaya, Minoru; Kakiage, Kenji; Unno, Masafumi; Aoyama, Yohei; Yano, Toru; Sawamoto, Daisuke; and Osada, Hiroyuki 09812263 Cl. H01G 9/2059.
Osada, Kensuke: See--
Kataoka, Kazunori; Miyata, Kanjiro; Nishiyama, Nobuhiro; Osada, Kensuke; Watanabe, Sumiyo; Fukushima, Shigeto; Chaya, Hiroyuki; Takemoto, Hiroyasu; and Kato, Yasuki 09808480 Cl. A61K 31/713.
Osajima, Kentaro: See--
Fujii, Masaru; and Osajima, Kentaro 09813568 Cl. H04N 1/00347.
Osawa, Tomo: See--
Sasada, Kaori; Tomita, Noriko; Ikeda, Tomoko; and Osawa, Tomo 09808411 Cl. A61K 8/8111.
Osborn, Bruce-Erik: See--
Grabiner, Frederick Robert; Lentz, Carl Michael; Moore, Emily; Prusik, Thaddeus; Puro, Nicholas; and Osborn, Bruce-Erik 09811632 Cl. G06F 19/327.
Osborn, Kevin D.; to United States of America as represented by the Director, National Security Agency, The Reversible computation with flux solitons 09812836 Cl. H01S 3/02.
Osborne, Christopher Miles; and Ripp, Michael William Stuart, to Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Fingerprint reader on a portion of a device for changing the configuration of the device 09811707 Cl. G06K 9/00013.
O'Shea, Colin Patrick: See--
Tucker, Clive; Schneider, Johannes; O'Shea, Colin Patrick; Giovanardi, Marco; Zuckerman, Richard Anthony; and Neil, Patrick W. 09809078 Cl. B60G 17/016.
O'Shea, Michael Shane: See--
Cranston, Robin William; Kyratzis, Ilias Louis; Nichols, Lance Victor; O'Shea, Michael Shane; Peeters, Gary; and Van Der Werff, Louise Catherine 09810587 Cl. G01K 11/12.
Osher, Gil: See--
Bianco, Itay; Yedidim, Reut; Osher, Gil; Salfati, Roni; and Machlin, Sagie 09813455 Cl. H04L 65/1006.
Oshima, Akihide; to FUJI XEROX CO., LTD. Image forming system for printing using an image forming device by selecting a group name that the image forming device belongs to 09811298 Cl. G06F 3/126.
Oshima, Kenji: See--
Akiyama, Teruo; Iida, Noboru; Oshima, Kenji; and Saito, Koji 09810246 Cl. F15B 15/02.
Oshima, Ritsuya: See--
Suwa, Masashige; Oshima, Ritsuya; Kuwata, Muneharu; Michimori, Atsushi; and Kojima, Kuniko 09810392 Cl. F21S 48/1721.
Oshio, Takumi; to Seiko Epson Corporation Timepiece 09811055 Cl. G04C 10/02.
Oshkosh Defense, LLC: See--
Ellifson, Erik S.; Dillman, Patrick S.; Zuleger, Jason J.; Rositch, Aaron J.; and Sollenskog, Robert K. 09809080 Cl. B60G 17/08.
Oshlack, Benjamin; Wright, Curtis; and Breder, Christopher, to Purdue Pharma L.P. Pharmaceutical formulation containing opioid agonist, opioid antagonist and gelling agent 09808453 Cl. A61K 31/485.
Oshurkov, Aleksandr; and Pathak, Rabindra, to KONICA MINOLTA LABORATORY U.S.A., INC. Digital rights management system providing event notifications for user actions based on access control rules 09813452 Cl. H04L 63/20.
Chee, Evan; Ng, Elwyn Kwang Ling; and Tan, Kia Tong 09813239 Cl. H04L 9/0866.
Lyng, Heidi; and Lando, Malin 09809859 Cl. C12Q 1/6886.
Oslob, Johan D.; McDowell, Robert S.; Johnson, Russell; Yang, Hanbiao; Evanchik, Marc; Zaharia, Cristiana A.; Cai, Haiying; and Hu, Lily W., to 3-V Biosciences, Inc. Heterocyclic modulators of lipid synthesis 09809591 Cl. C07D 471/04.
Herdman, Douglas J.; Zhang, Jun; Pope, Thomas; and Marquardt, Randy C. 09808015 Cl. A01N 59/20.
Pope, Thomas; Herdman, Douglas J.; and Tham, Peter 09808009 Cl. A01N 43/88.
Osorio, Ivan; to Flint Hills Scientific, L.L.C. Detecting, assessing and managing a risk of death in epilepsy 09808207 Cl. A61B 5/746.
Ospalik, Kenneth; Earnshaw, Marisa; Malee, Daniel P.; Mathew, John; and Tektumanidze, Giya, to AT&T INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY I, L.P. System and method for monitoring whole home digital video recorder usage for internet protocol television 09813747 Cl. H04N 21/2662.
OSRAM GmbH: See--
Dai, Yongchang; and Lin, Daxin 09814107 Cl. H05B 33/0815.
Zanotto, Alberto; Bobbo, Simon; and Michielan, Valerio 09812831 Cl. H01R 25/142.
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH: See--
Gomez-Iglesias, Alvaro; König, Harald; and Lauer, Christian 09812844 Cl. H01S 5/2031.
Moosburger, Jürgen; Schwarz, Thomas; Lugauer, Hans-Jürgen; Varghese, Tansen; and Illek, Stefan 09812619 Cl. H01L 33/58.
Ossareh, Hamid-Reza: See--
Banker, Adam Nathan; Xiao, Baitao; and Ossareh, Hamid-Reza 09810229 Cl. F04D 27/0223.
Østergaard, Jesper: See--
Larsen, Claus Selch; Larsen, Susan Weng; Thing, Mette Agergaard; Kristensen, Jesper Langgaard; Jensen, Henrik; and Østergaard, Jesper 09809557 Cl. C07D 235/06.
Osterhammer, Martin: See--
Beer, Erhard; and Osterhammer, Martin 09809397 Cl. B65G 47/766.
Osterhout Group, Inc.: See--
Nortrup, Edward H.; Border, John N.; Osterhout, Ralph F.; Haddick, John D.; and Lohse, Robert Michael 09811152 Cl. G06F 3/012.
Nortrup, Edward H.; Border, John N.; Osterhout, Ralph F.; Haddick, John D.; and Lohse, Robert Michael 09811153 Cl. G06F 3/012.
Nortrup, Edward H.; Border, John N.; Osterhout, Ralph F.; Haddick, John D.; and Lohse, Robert Michael 09811159 Cl. G06F 3/013.
Osterhout, Ralph F.; Lohse, Robert Michael; and Sanchez, Manuel Antonio 09810906 Cl. G02B 27/017.
Osterhout, Ralph F.: See--
Nortrup, Edward H.; Border, John N.; Osterhout, Ralph F.; Haddick, John D.; and Lohse, Robert Michael 09811152 Cl. G06F 3/012.
Nortrup, Edward H.; Border, John N.; Osterhout, Ralph F.; Haddick, John D.; and Lohse, Robert Michael 09811153 Cl. G06F 3/012.
Nortrup, Edward H.; Border, John N.; Osterhout, Ralph F.; Haddick, John D.; and Lohse, Robert Michael 09811159 Cl. G06F 3/013.
Osterhout, Ralph F.; Lohse, Robert Michael; and Sanchez, Manuel Antonio, to Osterhout Group, Inc. External user interface for head worn computing 09810906 Cl. G02B 27/017.
Ostroff, Alan; Paspa, Paul; Jacobson, Peter M.; Keller, Wade A.; and Hubbard, Christopher Alan, to Pacesetter, Inc. X-ray identification for active implantable medical device 09808617 Cl. A61N 1/0587.
Ostrovsky, Michael: See--
Papismedov, Levan; Lombardi, Alfred; Ostrovsky, Michael; and Keser, Ozgur 09812969 Cl. H02M 3/33507.
Ostrowicki, Gregory Thomas; to TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED Semiconductor device having compliant and crack-arresting interconnect structure 09812384 Cl. H01L 23/49575.
Ostuni, Raffaele: See--
Filippi, Ermanno; and Ostuni, Raffaele 09810104 Cl. F01K 25/08.
O'Sullivan, Carol A.; Ruhland, Kerstin; Neff, Michael; and Wang, Yingying, to Disney Enterprises, Inc. Coordinated gesture and locomotion for virtual pedestrians 09811937 Cl. G06T 13/40.
Ota, Jin: See--
Komatsu, Hidetoshi; Ota, Jin; Mizuhashi, Hiroshi; and Noguchi, Koji 09811147 Cl. G06F 1/3265.
Otake, Hirotada; to TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA Driving assistance system for identifying stopping points 09812014 Cl. G08G 1/13.
Otake, Toshihiko: See--
Yamaguchi, Takehisa; Ohshima, Atsushi; Otake, Toshihiko; Kubo, Hiroaki; Hashimoto, Masaya; Iwai, Toshimichi; Nakajima, Tomoaki; and Morikawa, Takeshi 09813577 Cl. H04N 1/00904.
Otani, Atsushi: See--
Okabayashi, Hideyuki; Shimooka, Sokichi; Hishinuma, Yuui; Kanematsu, Terukazu; Katsutani, Yuya; Umetani, Shinichirou; Onishi, Yasumichi; and Otani, Atsushi 09808718 Cl. A63F 13/69.
Otani, Takeshi; and Fukuoka, Toshiyuki, to FUJITSU LIMITED Image and audio reproduction device and method 09812153 Cl. G10L 25/57.
Bjelosevic, Adis; and Olsen, Ole Fogh 09813825 Cl. H04R 25/405.
Riis, Søren Kamaric; and Tahniat, Shahrokh 09808623 Cl. A61N 1/36032.
Otieno, Pauline Akinyi: See--
Sodhi, Thomas Singh; Otieno, Pauline Akinyi; Goel, Vivek S.; and Iverson, Benjamin John 09808960 Cl. B28C 7/026.
Fauconnet, Aurelien; and Delachatre, Etienne 09809420 Cl. B66B 5/0068.
Nagarajan, Prasanna; Lotfi, Amir; and Piedra, Edward 09809418 Cl. B66B 1/28.
Sun, Fanping; Luo, Xiaodong; Mosher, Daniel A.; Zhang, Huan; Wesson, John P.; Chen, Yan; Thompson, Mark Steven; Kountanya, Raja; and Fargo, Richard N. 09809421 Cl. B66B 7/1223.
Otomo, Toshiya; Yamashita, Koichiro; Suzuki, Takahisa; and Yamauchi, Hiromasa, to FUJITSU LIMITED Data collection method, system, and computer product 09813932 Cl. H04W 28/02.
Lichter, Jay; Trammel, Andrew M.; Piu, Fabrice; Ye, Qiang; Vollrath, Benedikt; Dellamary, Luis A.; Lebel, Carl; and Harris, Jeffrey P. 09808460 Cl. A61K 31/517.
OtoSense, Inc.: See--
Christian, Sebastien J. V. 09812152 Cl. G10L 25/27.
Otremba, Ralf: See--
Fachmann, Christian; Otremba, Ralf; Schiess, Klaus; and Stueckler, Franz 09812373 Cl. H01L 23/3672.
Otsuka, Hiroshi: See--
Watanabe, Yukihiro; Otsuka, Hiroshi; and Matsumoto, Yasuhide 09811357 Cl. G06F 9/44505.
Otsuka, Hisashi: See--
Kobayashi, Hiroki; Horisaka, Kentaro; Ozaki, Kenta; Naka, Koki; and Otsuka, Hisashi 09812912 Cl. H02K 1/2713.
Otsuka, Kouichi: See--
Inou, Akinori; Shinoda, Akihiro; and Otsuka, Kouichi 09808583 Cl. A61M 5/3202.
Otsuka, Lucas Marques: See--
Reiss, Matthias; Jourdan, Nicolas; Schliwa, Ralf; De Gutz, Donald; Reis, Gabriel Ribeiro; Passos Ikuno, Denise Renata; Shintate, Liana Maki; Omae, Tadeu Kendy de Oliveira; Otsuka, Lucas Marques; and De Antonio, Lucas Neumann 09809239 Cl. B62B 3/004.
Komatsu, Makoto; Goto, Fumitaka; Menjo, Yasuhiro; Yamada, Keigo; Matsuda, Takakuni; and Kato, Yusuke 09809609 Cl. C07F 9/5535.
Otsuka, Yasushi; and Kugiya, Takuo, to MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION Elevator apparatus 09809419 Cl. B66B 1/3492.
Otsuta, Yasuhiro: See--
Tomine, Kazuhiro; and Otsuta, Yasuhiro 09812805 Cl. H01R 13/2457.
Ott, Joe: See--
Schmitz, John T.; Ott, Joe; Kironn, Lexia; and Butcher, Evan 09810150 Cl. F02C 7/14.
Ott, John A.: See--
Balakrishnan, Karthik; Bruley, John; Hashemi, Pouya; Khakifirooz, Ali; Ott, John A.; and Reznicek, Alexander 09812530 Cl. H01L 29/161.
Ott, Kurt On-board hand tool accessory 09808926 Cl. B25F 1/00.
Otte, Sven; and De Bruijn, Jeroen, to FCI Asia Pte. Ltd. Connector assembly 09810867 Cl. G02B 6/4292.
Mosler, Luder; Pusch, Martin; and Zarling, Sven 09808358 Cl. A61F 2/66.
Ottoboni, Thomas B.; and Han, Han, to Heron Therapeutics, Inc. Emulsion formulations of aprepitant 09808465 Cl. A61K 31/5377.
Ottonello, Piero; Torre, Paolo; Rivas Torres, Beatriz; Paravisi, Stefano; Prefumo, Chiara; and Pastorino, Pietro, to Beta Renewable,m S.p.A. Lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysis without enzymes or acid catalysts 09809866 Cl. C13K 1/02.
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