NOTE--Arranged in accordance with the first significant character or word of the name
(in accordance with city and telephone directory practice).

Wang, Tzun-Wu 09810962 Cl. G02F 1/1521.
Nowak, Stephane; and Rebouillat, Serge 09809004 Cl. B32B 7/14.
Lin, Craig; and Chang, Ming-Jen 09812073 Cl. G09G 3/344.
Balaganesan, Banumathy; Huang, Heh-Lung; Guo, Huang-Ming; and Hsu, Po-Wei 09812654 Cl. H01L 51/0074.
Mishan, Steven D0801752 Cl. D7‑554.3.
E.F. Johnson Company: See--
Roy, Arindam; Trine, Linda; and Jobe, Marshall 09814014 Cl. H04W 64/00.
E.V. Offshore Limited: See--
Thursby, Jonathan; Peck, Shaun; and Jay, Chris 09810595 Cl. G01M 3/005.
Eagan, Jr., Thomas: See--
Wakefield, Scott; Eagan, Jr., Thomas; Saunders, James; Chura, William; and Fitchtel, Lucas E. D0802152 Cl. D24‑187.
Eagle, Craig J.; Dees, H. Craig; Wachter, Eric A.; and Singer, Jamie, to Provectus Pharmatech, Inc. Combination of local and systemic immunomodulative therapies for melanoma and liver cancer 09808524 Cl. A61K 39/3955.
Preston, Dan A. 09811354 Cl. G06F 9/44505.
Early Rescue Solutions, LLC: See--
Vasquez, Hector M; and Kuttner, Martin 09812853 Cl. H02H 1/0007.
Earmme, Taeshik: See--
Jenekhe, Samson A.; Li, Haiyan; Earmme, Taeshik; and Ren, Guoqiang 09809594 Cl. C07D 471/22.
Earnshaw, Marisa: See--
Ospalik, Kenneth; Earnshaw, Marisa; Malee, Daniel P.; Mathew, John; and Tektumanidze, Giya 09813747 Cl. H04N 21/2662.
Earnshaw, Mark: See--
Xu, Hua; Heo, Youn; Cai, Zhijun; Earnshaw, Mark; Fong, Mo-Han; McBeath, Sean; and Harrison, Robert Mark 09814003 Cl. H04W 52/42.
Earth Networks, Inc.: See--
Marshall, Robert S.; Sloop, Christopher Dale; Beroukhim, Benjamin E.; Liu, Chonglin; Heckman, Stan; and Hoekzema, Mark A. 09810811 Cl. G01W 1/16.
East China University of Science and Technology: See--
Xuan, Fuzhen; Cao, Yupeng; Hui, Hu; Li, Penning; and Wang, Guozhen 09810615 Cl. G01N 3/62.
Eastep, Jonathan M.; Banerjee, Rohit; Greco, Richard J.; Sharapov, Ilya; Lombard, David N.; and Nagpal, Hari K., to INTEL CORPORATION Systems and methods for dynamic spatial power steering 09811143 Cl. G06F 1/3234.
Easterbrook, Kevin B.: See--
Ellis, Michael D.; Herrington, W. Benjamin; Williamson, Steven C.; Easterbrook, Kevin B.; Rosenthol, Joshua A.; and Rudnick, David M. 09813772 Cl. H04N 21/4856.
Easterbrook, Scott: See--
Tai, Alan; Lanteri, Frederic; Easterbrook, Scott; and Zhao, Jian Zhong 09808830 Cl. B06B 1/0622.
Eastham, Graham Ronald; and Butler, Ian, to LUCITE INTERNATIONAL UK LIMITED Carbonylation ligands and their use in the carbonylation of ethylenically unsaturated compounds 09809611 Cl. C07F 17/02.
Shukla, Deepak 09809606 Cl. C07F 1/005.
Long, Keenan 09808038 Cl. A41D 19/0006.
Easy Aerial Inc.: See--
Stamatovski, Ivan; and Hefny, Mohammad 09811083 Cl. G05D 1/0027.
Easy Trim LLC: See--
Black, Joseph; and Cross, Michael 09807943 Cl. A01G 3/08.
Eaton Corporation: See--
Brandt, Douglas Michael; Leccia, Brad Robert; Frye, IV, Richard Blaine; and Jenkins, Zachary Ryan D0801930 Cl. D13‑133.
Gavriliuc, Sorin; and Tekalur, Srinivasan Arjun 09810261 Cl. F16C 19/305.
Keller, Joseph Rudy; and Case, Scott 09813828 Cl. H04R 27/00.
McLauchlan, Raymond Bruce 09810310 Cl. F16H 57/0421.
Walsh, Patrick Thomas; and Miller, Theodore James 09810718 Cl. G01R 15/181.
Wang, Meng (Rachel) 09810242 Cl. F15B 11/003.
Burmeister, Jens; and Schwarz, Gerhard 09812314 Cl. H01J 65/044.
Ebadi, Siamak: See--
Chen, Pai-Yen; Driscoll, Tom; Ebadi, Siamak; Hunt, John Desmond; Landy, Nathan Ingle; Machado, Melroy; Perque, Jr., Milton; Smith, David R.; and Urzhumov, Yaroslav A. 09812779 Cl. H01Q 3/44.
Ishii, Yu; Ito, Kenya; Nakanishi, Masayuki; and Togawa, Tetsuji 09808903 Cl. B24B 7/228.
Shinozaki, Hiroyuki 09808908 Cl. B24B 49/18.
Togawa, Tetsuji; Ito, Kenya; Ishii, Yu; and Uchiyama, Keisuke 09808836 Cl. B08B 1/04.
Yoshida, Kazutaka; Noro, Norihiko; and Kataoka, Tadashi D0801928 Cl. D13‑122.
eBay Inc.: See--
Lenahan, Michael George; Mitchell, Ben; Pittman, R J; and Lippman, Dave 09811598 Cl. G06F 17/3087.
Eberhardt, Mark: See--
Nash, John E.; Walters, Greg; Sauro, Dennis M.; Eberhardt, Mark; Fisher, William T.; and Evans, Douglas G. 09808277 Cl. A61B 17/320758.
Eberhardt, Robert; and Perin, Eric, to Rhodia Operations High cohesive strength composite materials and, E.G., cigarette filters shaped therefrom 09808785 Cl. B01J 20/28078.
Eberle, Konrad; Gerber, Urs; Baldauf, Christian; and Tumler, Thomas, to LTW Intralogistics GmbH Method for the partial emptying of buoyant objects and device for carrying out the method 09809400 Cl. B65G 53/02.
Eberspacher catem GmbH & Co. KG: See--
Gschwind, Thomas 09810119 Cl. F01N 3/10.
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology GmbH & Co. KG: See--
Kauderer, Alexander; Wolf, Tobias; and Karelin, Kirill 09810123 Cl. F01N 3/2066.
Ebert, Debora Christine: See--
Pan, Robert Ya-lin; Ebert, Debora Christine; Ellingson, Peter Christopher; and Warren, Raphael 09808551 Cl. A61L 15/20.
Ebigase, Takashi; and Katsu, Koji, to NGK Insulators, Ltd. Piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuator 09812631 Cl. H01L 41/09.
Ebihara, Akimitsu; to NIKON CORPORATION Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method 09810995 Cl. G03F 7/70333.
Ebihara, Munetake: See--
Kuno, Hiroshi; Ueda, Kenjiro; Ebihara, Munetake; Hayashi, Takamichi; and Yoshimura, Koji 09811670 Cl. G06F 21/602.
Ebisu, Motoki: See--
Yokoyama, Takao; and Ebisu, Motoki 09810225 Cl. F04D 17/10.
ebm-papst Landshut GmbH: See--
Vrolijk, Enno Jan; Keber, Roland; and Klink, Hans-Joachim 09810429 Cl. F23N 5/245.
ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG: See--
Hoss, Sebastian D0802113 Cl. D23‑370.
Ebright, Richard H.; Ebright, Yon W.; Feng, Yu; and Degen, David, to Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey Antibacterial agents: salinamide derivatives 09809626 Cl. C07K 11/02.
Ebright, Yon W.: See--
Ebright, Richard H.; Ebright, Yon W.; Feng, Yu; and Degen, David 09809626 Cl. C07K 11/02.
Wundrich, Ingo; and Warschewske, Udo 09808641 Cl. A61N 2/002.
Ebuen, Linsey: See--
Wollschlaeger, Jo; Ebuen, Linsey; and McMahon, Sara D0801630 Cl. D2‑719.
Ecabert, Olivier: See--
Vizitiu, Anamaria; Ecabert, Olivier; Kretschmer, Jan; and Neumann, Dominik 09811906 Cl. G06T 7/0012.
Pizzurro, Carmine; Sudan, Himanshu; McKinnon, Peter; and Canali, Leo 09812689 Cl. H01M 2/206.
Echigo, Masatoshi; Makinoshima, Takashi; and Uchiyama, Naoya, to Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. Compound, material for forming underlayer film for lithography, underlayer film for lithography and pattern forming method 09809601 Cl. C07D 493/14.
Beals, William Michael 09813104 Cl. H04B 1/44.
Hurst, Mark B.; Larson, Loren; Anderson, David S.; and Wang, Lei 09813472 Cl. H04L 65/60.
Mountain, Dale Llewelyn 09813663 Cl. H04N 5/76.
Eck, Richard E.: See--
Sunsdahl, Richard Larry; Deckard, Aaron David; Tullemans, Marcus Johannes; Eck, Richard E.; Plugge, Jason Carl; Meyer, Alan A.; Rengel, Laurie Jean; White, Geoffrey G.; McCoubrey, Thomas Samuel Parks; and Safranski, Brian Michael 09809102 Cl. B60K 5/00.
Eckholm, Sherry Sue: See--
Barton, Christina A.; Verhalen, Ami Marie; Nett, Daniel Roger; Wallace, Rachel Elizabeth; Eckholm, Sherry Sue; Harris, Christopher Alan; Palm, Michael J.; Eisenhauer, Emily A.; and Steel, Michael R. D0802156 Cl. D24‑216.
Eckstein, Andreas; Goldt, Mathias; Schaeffer, Marc; Dijkhuis, Arjen Detmer; and Appl, Joerg, to Hilti Aktiengesellschaft Expansion bolt 09810254 Cl. F16B 31/027.
Eco-Blu Pool Components LLC: See--
Mulhern, James; Antonishak, Stephen; and Walsh, Sean 09809988 Cl. E04H 4/12.
Xu, Shaoping; Xiao, Yahui; Wang, Chao; Wang, Guangyong; Yalkunjan, Tursun; Siu, Kam Shing; Xu, Bin; and Chow, Hiu Ying Connie 09809770 Cl. C10J 3/66.
Curien, Gerard 09808837 Cl. B08B 3/02.
Ecolab USA Inc.: See--
Pedersen, Daniel E.; Emiru, Hilina; and Silvernail, Carter Martin 09808435 Cl. A61K 31/19.
Sanders, Lisa Maureen; Jensen, Andrew M.; and Hodgson, Kristopher 09809785 Cl. C11D 3/33.
Wegner, Joseph R.; Brown, Erin; Sun, Xin; and Mohs, Thomas 09810630 Cl. G01N 21/64.
Xiong, Kun; and Davis, Brandon M. 09810676 Cl. G01N 33/18.
Olson, Erik C.; and Sivernail, Carter M. 09809786 Cl. C11D 3/3757.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL): See--
Yi, Chenyi; Giordano, Fabrizio; Zakeeruddin, Shaik Mohammad; and Graetzel, Michael 09812658 Cl. H01L 51/0092.
EcoMicron, Inc.: See--
Hong, Jae Hwan; Sun, Jung Hoon; and Kim, Chang Won 09810367 Cl. F16M 7/00.
Eda, Hiroyuki: See--
Matsumoto, Hidenori; Eda, Hiroyuki; Yamamoto, Yuichi; and Watanabe, Naoto 09811044 Cl. G03G 15/70.
Edara, Kiran Kumar; and Gopalakrishnan, Varadarajan, to Amazon Technologies, Inc. Measuring connection signal strength 09813965 Cl. H04W 36/30.
Edberg, Joshua Jacque: See--
Dean-Hendricks, Barbara; Edberg, Joshua Jacque; Quam, David; and Ragland, Amy 09810441 Cl. F24F 11/0009.
Edd, Jon F.: See--
Toner, Mehmet; DiCarlo, Dino; Edd, Jon F.; and Irimia, Daniel 09808803 Cl. B01L 3/502776.
Eddy, Colin: See--
Hooker, Rodney E.; Reed, Douglas R.; Greer, John Michael; and Eddy, Colin 09811468 Cl. G06F 12/0864.
Edelstein, Daniel C; and Yang, Chih-Chao, to International Business Machines Corporation Advanced metallization for damage repair 09812391 Cl. H01L 23/5226.
Edge Innovations, LLC: See--
Merten, Gary D0801751 Cl. D7‑536.
Edginton, Alex: See--
Stevens, Robert Edward; Edginton, Alex; Holland, Benjamin Thomas Tristram; Rhodes, Daniel Paul; Pietropinto, Dijon; Bean, Derek Paul Forbes; Clarke, Roger Brian Minchin; Crossley, Peter Lee; Murray, Richard Leefe Douglas; and Stone, Edwin James 09810923 Cl. G02C 7/085.
Edie, Jason: See--
Wong, Kian-Ming; and Edie, Jason 09808288 Cl. A61B 17/62.
Edmond, John Adam: See--
Hussell, Christopher P.; Edmond, John Adam; Negley, Gerald H.; Progl, Curt; Edmond, Mark; Athalye, Praneet; Swoboda, Charles M.; van de Ven, Antony Paul; Pickard, Paul Kenneth; Reier, Bart P.; Lay, James Michael; and Lopez, Peter E. 09810379 Cl. F21K 9/232.
Edmond, Mark: See--
Hussell, Christopher P.; Edmond, John Adam; Negley, Gerald H.; Progl, Curt; Edmond, Mark; Athalye, Praneet; Swoboda, Charles M.; van de Ven, Antony Paul; Pickard, Paul Kenneth; Reier, Bart P.; Lay, James Michael; and Lopez, Peter E. 09810379 Cl. F21K 9/232.
Edmondson, Scott: See--
Ogawa, Anthony; Edmondson, Scott; Erion, Mark; Neelamkavil, Santhosh; Guo, Zhuyan; Mal, Rudrajit; He, Jiafang; Liu, Weiguo; and Vande Bunte, Ellen K. 09809545 Cl. C07D 213/64.
Edmonston, David; Petrucha, Michael; Perry, Martin; Gottmann, Matthias; Nguyen, Dien; El Batawi, Emad; and Lyle, William David, to BLOOM ENERGY CORPORATION Fuel cell stack compression devices and methods 09812729 Cl. H01M 8/248.
Edmunds, Andrew: See--
Stoller, Andre; Jeanguenat, Andre; Edmunds, Andrew; Jung, Pierre Joseph Marcel; Emery, Daniel; Muehlebach, Michel; and Renold, Peter 09809587 Cl. C07D 417/10.
Edwards, Christopher: See--
Mitchell, Elizabeth; Baatz, Mike; Kearns, William; Edwards, Christopher; Mogil, Melvin; Stephens, Richard; Barattin, Alexander; and Wu, Jingchao 09809376 Cl. B65D 81/3888.
Edwards, Garland: See--
Krause, William R.; and Edwards, Garland 09808867 Cl. B23B 45/005.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation: See--
Miraki, Manouchehr A.; and Dang, Kevin 09808231 Cl. A61B 17/0206.
Edwards, Michael J.: See--
Malloy, John D.; and Edwards, Michael J. 09812225 Cl. G21C 7/12.
Edwards, Philip Trevelyan: See--
Robinson, Bryan; Turner, Noel; and Edwards, Philip Trevelyan 09810773 Cl. G01S 7/292.
Edwards, Stephen K.; and Bugenhagen, Michael K., to CenturyLink Intellectual Property LLC System and method for generating a graphical user interface representative of network performance 09813320 Cl. H04L 43/0852.
Egami, Takafumi: See--
Ito, Satoshi; Egami, Takafumi; and Sokabe, Hidenori 09810958 Cl. G02F 1/134336.
Egan, Michael John: See--
Lecrone, Douglas E.; Egan, Michael John; and Quinn, Brett A. 09811272 Cl. G06F 3/0619.
Egawa, Hiroaki: See--
Kajiwara, Kouichi; Koguchi, Hayato; Hizono, Takeshi; and Egawa, Hiroaki 09812676 Cl. H01M 2/024.
Egawa, Hiroyuki: See--
Koga, Yohei; and Egawa, Hiroyuki 09812769 Cl. H01Q 1/48.
Egelja, Amy: See--
Mitchell, Terry; and Egelja, Amy D0801647 Cl. D2‑916.
Angay, Esat D0801789 Cl. D8‑367.
Egenhofer, Paul David: See--
Syed, Yasser F.; Egenhofer, Paul David; Kercher, Shawn Andrew; and Dischner, Donald Dean 09813325 Cl. H04L 43/50.
Eggert, Doug: See--
Ballew, Paul; Walton, Paul; Walter, Jeanie; Lee, Emmelin Yun Tai; Eggert, Doug; Howard, Craig; and Cooper, Nicki 09811949 Cl. G07C 5/08.
Eggink, Gerrit: See--
Weusthuis, Alexander Ruud; Wolbert, Emil Johan Harald; Springer, Jan; Van Der Oost, John; and Eggink, Gerrit 09809831 Cl. C12P 7/40.
Eggink, Hendrik Jan: See--
Chestakov, Dmitri Anatolievich; Hikmet, Rifat Ata Mustafa; Gruhlke, Stefan Willi Julius; Van Bommel, Ties; Bijlsma, Albert; De Boer, Dirk Kornelis Gerhardus; Hannen, Gerardus Everardus Marie; and Eggink, Hendrik Jan 09810826 Cl. G02B 6/0003.
Egozi, Moises; and Anderson, William T., to THERAFIT FOOTWEAR, LLC Insertable adaptors and adjustable cushioning shoe heel D0801649 Cl. D2‑947.
Eguchi, Tatsuya: See--
Ikeuchi, Yuta; Kojima, Toshikatsu; Sakai, Tetsuo; Eguchi, Tatsuya; Aikiyo, Hitoshi; and Kojima, Akira 09812702 Cl. H01M 4/131.
Ehama, Masakazu: See--
Mochizuki, Seiji; Kimura, Junichi; and Ehama, Masakazu 09813703 Cl. H04N 19/00733.
Ehleringer, James; Chesson, Lesley; Dunn, Rozann; Ehleringer, Joshua; Shea, Patrick; and Tipple, Brett Cannabis cultivation test 09810673 Cl. G01N 33/0098.
Ehleringer, Joshua: See--
Ehleringer, James; Chesson, Lesley; Dunn, Rozann; Ehleringer, Joshua; Shea, Patrick; and Tipple, Brett 09810673 Cl. G01N 33/0098.
Ehlers, Steven M.: See--
DeMille, Brandon D.; Rice, Bradley C.; and Ehlers, Steven M. 09808682 Cl. A63B 53/0466.
Ehnes, Dale L.: See--
Campbell, Alan B.; Ehnes, Dale L.; Van Derlofske, III, John F.; Dupre, Mark R.; Dreyer, Stephen J.; Marushin, Patrick H.; Johnson, Todd M.; and Hunt, Bryan V. 09810817 Cl. G02B 5/045.
Ehrensperger, Marie-Virginie; Guering, Paul-Henri; Laval, Philippe; Morlat, Richard; Mongrolle, Jean-Louis; Benkemoun, Yves; and Pousse, Christelle, to Saint-Gobain Placo SAS Actuator and method of manufacture thereof 09813060 Cl. H03K 17/964.
Eibertzon, Jon: See--
Lundquist, Johan; Eibertzon, Jon; and Gunnarsson, Johan 09813469 Cl. H04L 65/4076.
Eichenholz, Jason M.: See--
Villeneuve, Alain; and Eichenholz, Jason M. 09812838 Cl. H01S 3/06754.
Welford, David; Jaspan, Martin A.; Eichenholz, Jason M.; Campbell, Scott R.; Martin, Lane A.; and Weed, Matthew D. 09810775 Cl. G01S 7/4814.
Welford, David; Jaspan, Martin A.; Eichenholz, Jason M.; Campbell, Scott R.; Martin, Lane A.; and Weed, Matthew D. 09810786 Cl. G01S 17/10.
Eichler, Zdenek: See--
Vasek, Jiri; Eichler, Zdenek; Dusik, Matej; and Bilek, Jan 09810541 Cl. G01C 21/34.
Eicker, Andre: See--
Rezzonico, Fabio; Kipp, Sabine; Pusinelli, Thomas; Beden, Josef; Herklotz, Martin; Oerter, Goekhan; Oesterreich, Stefan; Beisser, Nicolas; Eicker, Andre; Klewinghaus, Juergen; Verch, Georg; and Nachbaur-Sturm, Christine D0802142 Cl. D24‑169.
Eilertson, Ron: See--
Blanchette, Gil; Melo, Michael; Correa, Steve; Chapman, Timothy L.; Van Beek, Marlon; Parker, Jr., John W.; Burke, Paul; and Eilertson, Ron 09810357 Cl. F16L 33/207.
Seeman, Daniel Jonathan; Privette, Dewey; and Seeman, Donna Elizabeth 09809330 Cl. B65B 3/30.
Einzinger, Josef; and Chakraborty, Sudipto, to TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INCORPORATED Precision measurement of transmit power using loopback calibration in an RF transceiver 09813169 Cl. H04B 17/13.
Eisai R&D Management Co., Ltd.: See--
Imai, Toshio; Kline, James Bradford; Kawano, Tetsu; Grasso, Luigi; Sakamoto, Yoshimasa; Spidel, Jared; Nishimura, Miyuki; Muramoto, Kenzo; and Horizoe, Tatsuo 09809647 Cl. C07K 16/24.
Eisen, Stephan D0802052 Cl. D19‑73.
Eisen, Stephan; to EISEN GMBH Sharpener D0802052 Cl. D19‑73.
Eisenhauer, Emily A.: See--
Barton, Christina A.; Verhalen, Ami Marie; Nett, Daniel Roger; Wallace, Rachel Elizabeth; Eckholm, Sherry Sue; Harris, Christopher Alan; Palm, Michael J.; Eisenhauer, Emily A.; and Steel, Michael R. D0802156 Cl. D24‑216.
Weiland, Ralf; and Gawelczyk, Klaus 09809391 Cl. B65G 37/00.
Eisenwinter, Stefan: See--
Hrnicko, Frantisek; Volf, Vaclav; Strachon, Libor; Kummetz, Thomas; Eisenwinter, Stefan; Melester, Matthew Thomas; Struller, Jurgen; and Toth, Gabriel 09812275 Cl. H01H 37/52.
Eisinger, Jochen Mathias: See--
Guo, Yang; Vogelheim, Daniel; and Eisinger, Jochen Mathias 09811324 Cl. G06F 8/4441.
Eissler, Elgin E.: See--
Xu, Wen-Qing; Liu, Chao; Barbarossa, Giovanni; Eissler, Elgin E.; Anderson, Thomas E.; Kraisinger, Charles J.; and Lichtenstein, Norbert 09812375 Cl. H01L 23/3732.
Eizen, Micha: See--
Zsolcsak, Veronica M.; Eizen, Micha; Bayes, Thomas John William; and Whitehead, Ian Nicholson D0801624 Cl. D2‑206.
Ekambaram, Vijay; Prakash, Ashok Pon Kumar Sree; and Rakshit, Sarbajit K., to International Business Machines Corporation Detecting object theft using smart textiles 09811987 Cl. G08B 13/14.
Ekbote, Shashank S.: See--
Lim, Kwan-Yong; Blatchford, James Walter; Ekbote, Shashank S.; and Choi, Younsung 09812452 Cl. H01L 27/092.
Eke, Agbai E. Misplaced key-locating system 09811996 Cl. G08B 21/24.
Ekelund, Bjorn: See--
Axmon, Joakim; Alriksson, Peter; Ekelund, Bjorn; and Lindoff, Bengt 09813969 Cl. H04W 36/32.
EKO Development Limited: See--
Chen, Yizhi D0802239 Cl. D34‑7.
Ekstrand, Per: See--
Kjoerling, Kristofer; Ekstrand, Per; and Hoerich, Holger 09812142 Cl. G10L 19/093.
El Batawi, Emad: See--
Edmonston, David; Petrucha, Michael; Perry, Martin; Gottmann, Matthias; Nguyen, Dien; El Batawi, Emad; and Lyle, William David 09812729 Cl. H01M 8/248.
El Batawi, Emad; to BLOOM ENERGY CORPORATION Anode with remarkable stability under conditions of extreme fuel starvation 09812714 Cl. H01M 4/9066.
El Yacoubi, Maalainine: See--
Cyr, Jean-Marc; El Yacoubi, Maalainine; Amar, Mohammed; and Fleury, Pascal 09812987 Cl. H02M 7/537.
Chandriani, Sanjay; Skewes-Cox, Peter; Kistler, Amy; Tennant, Bud; and Divers, Thomas 09809863 Cl. C12Q 1/701.
Elango, Pradheep; to YAHOO HOLDINGS, INC. Missed media system and method 09811595 Cl. G06F 17/30867.
Kahle, Gordon; and Jordan, Jr., Richard D. 09808765 Cl. B01D 61/025.
Elbaz, Gilad Israel; and Weissman, Adam J., to Google Inc. Determining a meaning of a knowledge item using document-based information 09811776 Cl. G06N 5/02.
Elbee Pty Ltd.: See--
Marsden, Andrew D0801780 Cl. D8‑339.
Elbit Systems Ltd.: See--
Zahavi, Dov; and Laufer, Shaul Baruch 09812775 Cl. H01Q 3/08.
ELBO INC.: See--
Walker, Peter Anthony 09808714 Cl. A63F 13/31.
ELC Management LLC: See--
Mu, Weilin; and Castro, John R. 09808414 Cl. A61K 8/8152.
Elchik, Michael E.; Jones, Dafyd; Pawlowski, Jr., Robert J.; Carbonell, Jaime G.; Hesidenz, Jeremy; Hile, Sean; and Wilson, Cathy, to WeSpeke, Inc. Automated generation and presentation of lessons via digital media content extraction 09812028 Cl. G09B 7/06.
Eldar, Rotem: See--
Harlev, Doron; and Eldar, Rotem 09808178 Cl. A61B 5/065.
Elder, Christian V.; to Black & Decker Inc. Battery pack D0801919 Cl. D13‑103.
Electrolux Laundry Systems Sweden AB: See--
Salomonsson, Magnus 09809922 Cl. D06F 39/028.
Kim, Wan Joong; and Jung, Mun Youn 09811063 Cl. G05B 15/02.
Lee, Dae Yeol; Jeong, Se Yoon; Cho, Suk Hee; Kim, Jong Ho; Kim, Hui Yong; Lim, Sung Chang; and Choi, Jin Soo 09811882 Cl. G06T 3/4053.
Nam, Jun Young; and Ahn, Jae Young 09813123 Cl. H04B 7/0452.
Oh, Jin Hyung; Ko, Gwang Zeen; Kang, Hyun Duk; Kim, Igor; and Song, Myung Sun 09814092 Cl. H04W 80/02.
Park, Seung Keun; Yoo, Sungjin; Um, Jung Sun; Jung, Hoiyoon; and Choi, Hyung Do 09814078 Cl. H04W 74/085.
Um, Jung Sun; Jung, Hoi Yoon; Jeong, Byung Jang; Yoo, Sung Jin; and Choi, Jae Ick 09814093 Cl. H04W 84/12.
Elekta AB (Publ): See--
Willcut, Virgil; Broad, Martin; and Roberts, David Anthony 09808652 Cl. A61N 5/1045.
Elematic Oyj: See--
Raukola, Leena; and Järvinen, Lassi 09808999 Cl. B29D 99/001.
Can, Antionette; Mochubele, Anna Emela; Davies, Geoffrey John; and Myburgh, Johannes Lodewikus 09808911 Cl. B24D 3/14.
Elenion Technologies LLC: See--
Baehr-Jones, Thomas Wetteland; Zhang, Yi; Hochberg, Michael J.; and Novack, Ari 09812598 Cl. H01L 31/0352.
Shi, Ruizhi; Baehr-Jones, Thomas Wetteland; Ma, Yangjin; Liu, Yang; Hochberg, Michael J.; and Streshinsky, Matthew Akio 09810840 Cl. G02B 6/126.
Elglund, Gunnel: See--
Larsson, Björn; Andersson, Inger; and Elglund, Gunnel 09808131 Cl. A47K 10/42.
Eli Lilly and Company: See--
Hamdouchi, Chafiq; Maiti, Pranab; and Miller, Anne Reifel 09809592 Cl. C07D 471/04.
Elie, Larry Dean; and Rhode, Douglas Scott, to Ford Global Technologies, LLC System and method for autonomous valet parking using plenoptic cameras 09809218 Cl. B60W 30/06.
Elie, Larry Dean; Azzouz, Michael M.; Jaranson, John Wayne; Potter, Timothy J.; Heath, Gerald J.; and Skoures, Evangelos P., to Ford Global Technologies, LLC Mobile device control for powered door 09813541 Cl. H04M 1/7253.
Elien, Jean-Emile; Balma, Daniel Collins; Crea, III, Rocco; Frei, Michael Brendan; Hellyar, Paul Stephen; Tan, Victor; Kim, Kye Hyun; Muhlestein, Travis J.; Unoki, Robert S.; Bayer, Kenneth Michael; and Wahlin, Wes, to Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC Securing communications with enhanced media platforms 09813403 Cl. H04L 63/08.
Eliraz, Shmuel: See--
Assulin, Nir; Eliraz, Shmuel; and Reinhartz, Ohad 09809475 Cl. C02F 3/087.
Elkatatny, Salah El-Din; and Mahmoud, Mohamed, to King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Method for evaluating the effectiveness of matrix acidizing in a subterranean formation 09810063 Cl. E21B 49/086.
Elkin, Kyle R.; and Bock, Randall G., to United States of America, as represented by The Secretary of Agriculture, The Automated sampling system 09810708 Cl. G01N 35/1097.
Elkins, Jacob Stephen Broomall: See--
Greenberg, Steven Jay; and Elkins, Jacob Stephen Broomall 09809652 Cl. C07K 16/2866.
Elkins, Kristi: See--
Chen, Yvonne; Dennis, Mark; Dornan, David; Elkins, Kristi; Junutula, Jagath Reddy; Polson, Andrew; and Zheng, Bing 09809650 Cl. C07K 16/2803.
Ellec, Chris: See--
Kehoe, Anthony; Lull, John; Valentine, Bill; and Ellec, Chris 09810377 Cl. F17D 5/00.
Ellerbrock, Philip J.; and Zettwoch, Robert N., to THE BOEING COMPANY Accessing different types of memory by respective distinct command with different timing requirements 09811455 Cl. G06F 12/0238.
Ellifson, Erik S.; Dillman, Patrick S.; Zuleger, Jason J.; Rositch, Aaron J.; and Sollenskog, Robert K., to Oshkosh Defense, LLC Position dependent damper for a vehicle suspension system 09809080 Cl. B60G 17/08.
Ellin, Brian: See--
Morgan, William; Gordon, Jeremy; Monroe, Grant; Benson, Buster; D'sa, Russell; Singer, Adam; Chan, Ian; Ellin, Brian; Thompson, Reeve; and Alonso-Martinez, Lucas 09813260 Cl. H04L 12/581.
Ellinger, Stefan: See--
Taeschler, Christoph; Zaragoza Doerwald, Florencio; Ellinger, Stefan; Beller, Matthias; Neumann, Helfried; He, Lin; and Natte, Kishore 09809596 Cl. C07D 473/10.
Ellinghuysen, Aric Allyn: See--
Welch, Kevin Todd; Ellinghuysen, Aric Allyn; Perry, Casey Richard; Dross, Elizabeth Ann; and Sterup, Jeffrey Scott 09811511 Cl. G06F 17/2288.
Ellingson, Peter Christopher: See--
Pan, Robert Ya-lin; Ebert, Debora Christine; Ellingson, Peter Christopher; and Warren, Raphael 09808551 Cl. A61L 15/20.
Elliott, Bert W.: See--
Grubka, Lawrence J.; LaTorre, Carmen A.; Elliott, Bert W.; and Freidner, Christopher C. 09808947 Cl. B26D 3/10.
Elliott, Gary; and Elliott, Pamela Glove D0801625 Cl. D2‑617.
Elliott, Jared L.; and Wenninger, Nathan D., to Health Postures, LLC Desk mount for computer display(s) 09810370 Cl. F16M 13/022.
Elliott, Jason: See--
Murdock, James R.; McKaveney, Christopher S.; and Elliott, Jason 09810077 Cl. F01D 5/3007.
Elliott, Kevin J.: See--
Prior, William C.; Bolton, James E.; Kirman, Lyle E.; Rath, David F.; Arnold, Adam; Graff, Glenn; and Elliott, Kevin J. 09809479 Cl. C02F 9/00.
Elliott, Pamela: See--
Elliott, Gary; and Elliott, Pamela D0801625 Cl. D2‑617.
Elliott, Ronald Paul; and Keslo, Bryan Jay, to NORDIC MINESTEEL TECHNOLOGIES INC. Counterweight ore chute system 09809386 Cl. B65G 11/126.
Elliott, Thomas; to JENSEN ENTERPRISES, INC. Box culvert 09809938 Cl. E01F 5/005.
Ellis, Michael D.; Herrington, W. Benjamin; Williamson, Steven C.; Easterbrook, Kevin B.; Rosenthol, Joshua A.; and Rudnick, David M., to Rovi Guides, Inc. Interactive television program guide with selectable languages 09813772 Cl. H04N 21/4856.
Ellison, Adam James: See--
Dejneka, Matthew John; Ellison, Adam James; Gomez, Sinue; and Morena, Robert Michael 09809487 Cl. C03C 3/093.
Ellsworth, Jason: See--
Wilbur, Michael; Ellsworth, Jason; Oommen, Toji; Mohapatra, Adarsha; and Thayer, David 09813512 Cl. H04L 67/18.
Ellsworth, Jr., Michael J.: See--
Arimilli, Ravi K.; Ellsworth, Jr., Michael J.; and Seminaro, Edward J. 09811097 Cl. G05D 23/1931.
Elmaleh, Jon; to KORE DESIGN LLC Stool with ring piston actuator D0801714 Cl. D6‑352.
Elmén, Gunnar; to SHL Group AB Medicament delivery device 09808580 Cl. A61M 5/31536.
Elmer's Products, Inc.: See--
Heipp, Shawn D. 09809052 Cl. B43M 11/06.
Elmohtaseb, Sage Omnidirectional bracket for cameras and accessories 09810973 Cl. G03B 17/561.
Johnson, Keith E. D0801642 Cl. D2‑866.
ElringKlinger AG: See--
Kern, Stephanie 09812835 Cl. H01R 43/0207.
Zerfass, Hans-Rainer; Diez, Armin; Schenk, Peter; Fritz, Wolfgang; Lamp, Peter; Wier, Manfred; and Tachtler, Joachim 09812716 Cl. H01M 8/0271.
ELSA L, Inc.: See--
Robertson, Judy D0801703 Cl. D6‑300.
Elsesser, Jeffrey James: See--
Rexach, Rafael Alfredo; Szemetylo, Stephanie; Richter-O'Connell, David J.; Elsesser, Jeffrey James; and Giefer, James S. 09808811 Cl. B05B 1/185.
Elshafei, Moustafa; to King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Stacked hydromagnetic desalination cell 09809472 Cl. C02F 1/481.
Elsheikh, Maher Y.; Bonnet, Philippe; Keeley, Olga C. N.; and Chen, Benjamin Bin, to Arkema Inc. Dehydrofluorination of pentafluoroalkanes to form tetrafluoroolefins 09809515 Cl. C07C 17/25.
Elson, Jeremy E.; and Nightingale, Edmund B., to MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING, LLC Effective circuits in packet-switched networks 09813529 Cl. H04L 69/40.
Lambert, Philip Eric; and Barcroft, Anthony Francis 09810573 Cl. G01J 1/0214.
Elton, Robert; to FCA US LLC Vehicle seat with cable force reducer 09809135 Cl. B60N 2/4435.
Elwell, Brian Eugene: See--
Andrews, James Christopher; Walma, Kenneth Dale; Shiley, William Lee; Fang, Liang; Moan, James; Elwell, Brian Eugene; Mangiaracina, Anthony Audenzio; and Winslett, Michael Troy 09812874 Cl. H02J 4/00.
Baym, Michael H.; Hyde, Roderick A.; Kare, Jordin T.; Leuthardt, Eric C.; McKnight, Gary L.; Pan, Tony S.; Sweeney, Elizabeth A.; Tegreene, Clarence T.; and Wood, Jr., Lowell L. 09811641 Cl. G06F 19/704.
Cheatham, III, Jesse R.; Deane, Geoffrey F.; Gates, William; Hyde, Roderick A.; Ishikawa, Muriel Y.; Kare, Jordin T.; Myhrvold, Nathan P.; Petroski, Robert C.; Tegreene, Clarence T.; Tuckerman, David B.; Whitmer, Charles; and Wood, Jr., Lowell L. 09810819 Cl. G02B 5/08.
Glew, Andrew F.; Gerrity, Daniel A.; and Tegreene, Clarence T. 09813445 Cl. H04L 63/1466.
Hyde, Roderick A; Ishikawa, Muriel Y.; Leuthardt, Eric C.; Wood, Jr., Lowell L.; and Wood, Victoria Y. H. 09808579 Cl. A61M 5/30.
Hyde, Roderick A.; Levien, Royce A.; Lord, Richard T.; Lord, Robert W.; Malamud, Mark A.; and Tegreene, Clarence T. 09813887 Cl. H04W 4/24.
Jung, Edward K. Y.; Levien, Royce A.; Lord, Richard T.; Lord, Robert W.; and Malamud, Mark A. 09813891 Cl. H04W 8/18.
Levien, Royce A.; Lord, Robert W.; Lord, Richard T.; Malamud, Mark A.; Rinaldo, Jr., John D.; and Wood, Jr., Lowell L. 09810789 Cl. G01S 19/21.
Elwood, Jennifer A.: See--
Bonalle, David S.; Chong, Emily A.; Chuang, I-Hsin; Dardick, Lauren E.; Elwood, Jennifer A.; Gray, William J.; and Wong, David J. 09811832 Cl. G06Q 20/409.
Elyan, Michael Lawrence: See--
Eriksson, Thomas; and Elyan, Michael Lawrence 09811163 Cl. G06F 3/016.
Elysium Therapeutics, Inc.: See--
Jenkins, Thomas E. 09808452 Cl. A61K 31/485.
EMBL: See--
Merten, Christoph; and Utharala, Ramesh 09810607 Cl. G01N 1/28.
Embleton, Steven: See--
Myers, Dusty; Embleton, Steven; Curlee, James Don; and Money, Charles 09809146 Cl. B60P 7/10.
EMC IP Holding Company LLC: See--
Bent, John M.; Faibish, Sorin; Grider, Gary; and Torres, Aaron 09811545 Cl. G06F 17/30321.
Bent, John M.; Faibish, Sorin; and Gupta, Uday 09811530 Cl. G06F 17/30194.
Bent, John M.; Faibish, Sorin; Zhang, Zhenhua; Liu, Xuezhao; and Zhang, Jingwang 09811546 Cl. G06F 17/30321.
Chen, Xiangping; Duprey, Dennis T.; Linnell, Thomas E.; Tao, Qin; and Ku, Mark K. 09811288 Cl. G06F 3/0679.
da Silva, Thiago; Rabe, Bruce R.; Joyce, Scott; and Chen, Peter 09811520 Cl. G06F 17/30002.
Esposito, Jeffrey D.; Aref, Haji R.; and Reiner, David S. 09811527 Cl. G06F 17/30174.
Lecrone, Douglas E.; Egan, Michael John; and Quinn, Brett A. 09811272 Cl. G06F 3/0619.
Lu, Howard; Feng, Yongjian; Hebert, Christopher; and Paul, Jean-Claude 09811675 Cl. G06F 21/6209.
Ma, Vincent; and Pendergraft, James 09811390 Cl. G06F 9/52.
Martin, Owen; Knopov, Lev; and Achkinazi, Igor 09811380 Cl. G06F 9/50.
Natanzon, Assaf; Bromling, Steven; Cohen, Saar; Shemer, Jehuda; and Solan, Alex 09811431 Cl. G06F 11/2069.
Ohsie, David; and Lam, Cheuk 09811588 Cl. G06F 17/3071.
Shain, Randall H.; Don, Arieh; Clark, Roy E.; Derbeko, Philip; Dar, Yaron; and Veprinsky, Alex 09811286 Cl. G06F 3/0647.
Taylor, Kenneth J.; Shain, Randall; Michaud, Adrian; and Au, Stephen Wing-Kin 09811276 Cl. G06F 3/0619.
Todd, Stephen J. 09811669 Cl. G06F 21/60.
Triandopoulos, Nikolaos; and Rivest, Ronald 09813243 Cl. H04L 9/3093.
Triandopoulos, Nikolaos; and Zhang, Yupeng 09813244 Cl. H04L 9/3093.
Wu, RongZhang; Tang, Xuan; Wang, Yifan; and Zhang, Yiyang 09811421 Cl. G06F 11/1402.
Xiang, Dong; Todd, Stephen; and Chen, Qiyan 09811573 Cl. G06F 17/30557.
EMD Millipore Corporation: See--
Xenopoulos, Alex 09809799 Cl. C12N 7/00.
EMED Technologies Corporation: See--
Lambert, Paul 09808576 Cl. A61M 5/158.
eMemory Technology Inc.: See--
Chen, Hsueh-Wei; Chen, Wei-Ren; and Sun, Wein-Town 09812212 Cl. G11C 16/26.
Emerging Automotive, LLC: See--
Penilla, Angel A.; and Penilla, Albert S. 09809196 Cl. B60R 25/10.
Emerson, Alan: See--
Nadella, Krishna V.; and Emerson, Alan 09809404 Cl. B65H 16/04.
Emerson Climate Technologies: See--
McSweeney, Daniel L.; Green, Charles E.; and Seibel, Stephen M. 09810218 Cl. F04C 28/28.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.: See--
Ramayya, George J. 09810468 Cl. F25B 49/025.
Emerson Process Management, Valve Automation, Inc.: See--
LeBlanc, William Kenneth; and Hoke, David John 09810248 Cl. F15B 20/00.
Emery, Daniel: See--
Stoller, Andre; Jeanguenat, Andre; Edmunds, Andrew; Jung, Pierre Joseph Marcel; Emery, Daniel; Muehlebach, Michel; and Renold, Peter 09809587 Cl. C07D 417/10.
Emiru, Hilina: See--
Pedersen, Daniel E.; Emiru, Hilina; and Silvernail, Carter Martin 09808435 Cl. A61K 31/19.
Galli, Robert D.; and O'Brien, Christopher J. 09810411 Cl. F21V 23/0414.
Emmadi, Vishnu; Ramasubramanian, Srinivasan; Kini, Shrinivasa; Yang, Mei; Modi, Sudeep Dilip; Maier, Gregor Mathias; and Bajpai, Rajneesh, to Big Switch Networks, Inc. Systems and methods for controlling switches to capture and monitor network traffic 09813323 Cl. H04L 43/12.
Emme, Brandon: See--
Li, Xin; Smith, Mads Torry; Emme, Brandon; and Putnam, Lorraine 09809834 Cl. C12P 19/14.
Emmel, Ute: See--
Wietelmann, Ulrich; Stoll, Armin; Kiefer, Florian; and Emmel, Ute 09809657 Cl. C08F 4/52.
Emory University: See--
Amblard, Franck; Coats, Steven J.; and Schinazi, Raymond F. 09809616 Cl. C07H 19/06.
Boden, Scott D.; and Sangadala, Sreedhara 09808464 Cl. A61K 31/53.
Adam, Quentin Arthur Carl 09809377 Cl. B65D 85/34.
Biswas, Soma 09813238 Cl. H04L 9/0866.
Fang, Jun 09811383 Cl. G06F 9/5038.
Fligler, Ariel; Hirshberg, David; Bushinsky, Shay; Ur, Shmuel; and Dabija, Vlad 09810783 Cl. G01S 15/04.
Kruglick, Ezekiel 09811526 Cl. G06F 17/30156.
Levin, Pavel 09813406 Cl. H04L 63/0823.
Luo, Zhijiong 09812428 Cl. H01L 25/0657.
Oh, Hyun Oh; Kwak, Jin Sam; and Son, Ju Hyung 09813203 Cl. H04L 5/0033.
Vajapeyam, Sriram 09811469 Cl. G06F 12/0873.
Emthén, Anders: See--
Mårtensson, Gustaf; Bergström, Andreas; Kurian, Thomas; and Emthén, Anders 09808822 Cl. B05B 15/10.
Emukai, Toshihumi: See--
Moriyasu, Hirochika; Koshi, Kentaro; and Emukai, Toshihumi 09809709 Cl. C08L 95/00.
Emura, Masahiko; to HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. Vehicle body structure 09809258 Cl. B62D 25/2036.
Emura, Masahiko; to HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. Vehicle body lateral structure 09809261 Cl. B62D 37/02.
Enami, Jumpei: See--
Ohsawa, Hiroyoshi; Enami, Jumpei; and Hiramatsu, Keiichi 09809645 Cl. C07K 16/1271.
Enami, Shingo: See--
Suitou, Ken; Kinoshita, Yusuke; Enami, Shingo; and Yano, Junya 09810219 Cl. F04C 29/047.
Encapsys, LLC: See--
Yan, Nianxi; and Debraal, John Charles 09809725 Cl. C09D 175/04.
Encore Medical Asset Corporation: See--
Buhlmann, Felix; Dunant, Etienne; Guex, Steve; Truffer, David; and Mueller, Pierre-Yves 09808619 Cl. A61N 1/08.
Endo, Akio; to Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. Support of flexible component and light-emitting device 09810406 Cl. F21V 15/04.
Endo, Chiaki: See--
Tanaka, Daichi; Sone, Tomoyuki; Endo, Chiaki; Terasaki, Yasunori; and Okamura, Toshiyuki 09813375 Cl. H04L 61/2517.
Endo, Hiroshi: See--
Kondo, Masao; Fukuda, Hiroyuki; Umemiya, Shigeyoshi; and Endo, Hiroshi 09814161 Cl. H05K 7/20736.
Endo, Hisashi: See--
Maki, Kohji; Yuda, Shinya; Kojima, Hiroaki; Kikuchi, Satoshi; and Endo, Hisashi 09810743 Cl. G01R 31/343.
Endo, Kyoko; to IGISU Co., Ltd. Method for treating alopecia with B-type natriuretic peptide 09808511 Cl. A61K 38/22.
Endo, Ryokei; Washitake, Yosuke; Hashimoto, Yukie; and Uehata, Akihiro, to KURARAY CO., LTD. Amorphous polyetherimide fiber and heat-resistant fabric 09809905 Cl. D01D 5/08.
Endo, Shigeto: See--
Ido, Michio; Sato, Keisuke; and Endo, Shigeto 09813096 Cl. H04B 1/385.
Endo, Takaaki; Satoh, Kiyohide; and Ishikawa, Ryo, to Canon Kabushiki Kaisha Image processing apparatus, image processing method, medical image diagnostic system, and storage medium 09808213 Cl. A61B 6/466.
Endo, Yuta; Sasaki, Toshinari; Noda, Kosei; Sato, Hitomi; and Sato, Yuhei, to Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof 09812544 Cl. H01L 29/4908.
EndoEvolution, LLC: See--
Meade, John C.; Griffiths, Jerry R.; DiFrancesco, Francis J.; and Clark, Richard 09808238 Cl. A61B 17/0469.
Endoh, Kazuaki; Takamuku, Akira; Senoue, Masaharu; Li, Guohua; Kawase, Kenichi; and Hosoya, Yosuke, to SONY CORPORATION Lithium secondary battery, positive electrode active material, positive electrode, electric tool, electric vehicle, and power storage system 09812709 Cl. H01M 4/525.
Shawcross, Andrew P.; Gonzalez-Carvajal, John; Brown, Marc; and Turner, Rob 09808539 Cl. A61K 49/1806.
Trommeter, Julie Marie; Lyons, Michael B.; Castleberry, Jeffrey Paul; Shandas, Robin; Fogelberg, James; and Johnson, Stephen 09808252 Cl. A61B 17/12022.
Endres + Hauser Flowtec AG: See--
Grun, Alexander; Schultheis, Hanno; and Baur, Tobias 09810586 Cl. G01K 7/16.
Endres, Gregor Christian; and Weber, Hans-Jurgen, to Airbus Operations GmbH Method and apparatus for reinforcing a substrate or a fabric in a core structure of a component 09808995 Cl. B29C 70/24.
Endress + Hauser GmbH + Co. KG: See--
Birgel, Eric; Hahniche, Jorg; and Poschmann, Axel 09811696 Cl. G06K 7/10297.
Blodt, Thomas 09812781 Cl. H01Q 7/00.
Kilian, Markus; Seger, Andrea; Stein, Bert Von; and Wandrei, Christian 09811409 Cl. G06F 11/0793.
Lischinsky, Daniel; and Harth, Yoram 09808643 Cl. A61N 5/00.
Energous Corporation: See--
Leabman, Michael A.; and Brewer, Gregory Scott 09812890 Cl. H02J 7/025.
Willig, Randy C. 09811103 Cl. G05F 1/66.
Enga, Agnete: See--
McLoughlin, Martin John; Morgan, Darrell P.; Heald, Michael James David; Lozeau, Kevin Richard; Enga, Agnete; Martin, Heather; Freitag, Eric; Formosa, Daniel; Schumann, Michael; Lipford, Brian; Cowperthwaite, Jake; Flamm, Alex; Lipford, Keith; and Melzi, Ilario 09808575 Cl. A61M 5/14546.
Engel, Alfred; Greif, Michael; Jung, Christine; Malik, Sebastian; Mueller, Rainer; Sobek, Harald; Suppmann, Bernhard; and Thomann, Marco, to Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc. Quantitative control of sialylation 09809835 Cl. C12P 19/18.
Engel, Jeff; Tucker, Allen; and Henry, Mike, to SNACKTOPS, Inc. Beverage container lid D0801810 Cl. D9‑436.
Engelbreth, Dan: See--
Meyer, Adam; and Engelbreth, Dan 09808588 Cl. A61M 16/0006.
Engelen, Roy Antoin Bastiaan: See--
Noijen, Sander Petrus Martinus; Engelen, Roy Antoin Bastiaan; Sweegers, Norbertus Antonius Maria; and de Samber, Marc Andre 09812612 Cl. H01L 33/38.
Engelhardt, Doreen; Paulick, Jana; Tellermann, Kerstin; and Schadl, Sarah, to AUDI AG Motor vehicle device operation with operating correction 09812129 Cl. G10L 15/22.
Engelhardt, Ralf: See--
Niessner, Norbert; Boeckmann, Philipp; Mueller, Matthias; Engelhardt, Ralf; and Groenendijk, Max 09809733 Cl. C09K 3/18.
Engels, Servaas: See--
Barrios, Silmar Balsamo; Santos, Juliane Pereira; Porto, Pedro Henrique Invencione; Costa, Fernanda de Oliveira Barreto; De Paula, Priscila Milani; Filho, Paulo de Jesus Cunha; Urenhiuki, Renan Marcel; Armelin, Nádia Andrade; and Engels, Servaas 09809684 Cl. C08J 3/05.
Engin, Murat Sinan Adjustable elastic antagonist muscle replacement mechanism 09808335 Cl. A61F 2/08.
He, Xiaojia; Lu, Ziren; and Goldenberg, Andrew A. D0802041 Cl. D15‑199.
Engler, Michael: See--
Kramer, Joachim; Engler, Michael; Hammes, Markus; and Meyer, Christof J. 09810626 Cl. G01N 21/59.
English, Bryan D.: See--
Takeda, Yutaka; English, Bryan D.; and Shinozaki, Yusuke 09813385 Cl. H04L 63/0428.
English, Stephen Thomas: See--
McKinzie, Marc; English, Stephen Thomas; Magyar, Justin Michael; and Borts, Zachary Alexander 09812920 Cl. H02K 5/20.
Engstrom, Kenneth M.: See--
Cink, Russell D.; Lukin, Kirill A.; Leanna, Marvin R.; Pelc, Matthew J.; Towne, Timothy B.; Welch, Dennie S.; Engstrom, Kenneth M.; Ravn, Matthew M.; Bishop, Richard D.; Zhao, Gang; Mei, Jianzhang; Kallemeyn, Jeff M.; Hill, David R.; Abrahamson, Michael J.; and Morrill, Westin H. 09809576 Cl. C07D 403/12.
Cheng, Kai 09812540 Cl. H01L 29/4238.
Ennen, Guenther; Kornberger, Martin; and Tiekoetter, Stefan, to MIELE & CIE. KG Dishwasher and method for operating a dishwasher 09810481 Cl. F26B 21/083.
Enns, Christina D.: See--
Campbell, Julie A.; Pollock, Ira G.; Hagerup, William A.; and Enns, Christina D. 09810715 Cl. G01R 1/06772.
Enokuchi, Takashi: See--
Yomoda, Nobuyuki; Okino, Ayatomo; Jimba, Manabu; Kamura, Akihito; and Enokuchi, Takashi 09811024 Cl. G03G 15/0877.
Enomoto, Naoyuki; Watanabe, Satoshi; and Miyoshi, Yasutaka, to JGC CATALYSTS AND CHEMICALS LTD. Porous silica particle, method for producing the same, and cosmetic containing the same 09808407 Cl. A61K 8/25.
Enomoto, Norihide; Ogawa, Taichi; Hirama, Daisuke; Kuan, Kam Hon; Kuan, Mun Leong; Kuan, Eu Jin; Cheah, Mei Ling; and Mohd Zaidi, Bin Mat Satar, to Midori Anzen Co. Ltd. Glove and production process thereof 09808039 Cl. A41D 19/0082.
Enrichment Technology Company Ltd.: See--
Treppmann, Ing. Christoph; vor dem Esche, Ing. Rainer; Bäumer, Thomas; Sonnen, Dipl. Ing. Michael; Schäfer, Christoph; and Middendorf, Christian 09812865 Cl. H02J 3/30.
Enright, John Joseph: See--
Mountz, Michael Cordell; Enright, John Joseph; Durham, Joseph W.; Decker, Michael Harrison; Schechter, Jonathan Harris; Wurman, Peter R.; and Nice, Eryk Brian 09809384 Cl. B65G 1/1378.
Enriquez, Robert; to Gemini Holdings, LLC Spray gun system 09808816 Cl. B05B 9/0805.
Ensslen, Ingrid; to Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH Egg with rabbit D0801621 Cl. D1‑110.
Ent, Ali Kathryn: See--
Rane, Peter Carlson; Truong, Cuong Huy; Schantz, Daniel Jordan; Ent, Ali Kathryn; and Tucker, Matthew Ian 09811183 Cl. G06F 3/03547.
Ray, Richard S. 09812291 Cl. H01J 37/3171.
Entegrity LLC: See--
Hill, David Gordon 09811553 Cl. G06F 17/30412.
Entin, Uzi: See--
Shlomai, Netzer; Lahav, Amos; and Entin, Uzi 09811326 Cl. G06F 8/61.
Horovitz, Yair; Cohen, Ira; and Mordechai, Eli 09811447 Cl. G06F 11/3684.
Spies, Terence; Pauker, Matthew J.; Green, Jacob; Leong, Michael S.; and Minner, Richard T. 09811831 Cl. G06Q 20/409.
Ocaña Fernández, Alberto; Pandiella Alonso, Atanasio; and Morís Varas, Francisco 09808469 Cl. A61K 31/553.
Nee, Chi-ping; and Petrovic, Branislav 09813230 Cl. H04L 7/0331.
Entz-von Zerssen, Max-Cedric: See--
Stephen, Jeffrey Joseph; Birch, Benj; Ferguson, Stephen Hutton; Revitt, Adam; Entz-von Zerssen, Max-Cedric; Martin, Nathaniel; Bartlett, Trevor Keegan Duncan; and Ferguson, Joseph 09809432 Cl. B66F 9/065.
Environmental Intellect, LLC: See--
Kling, Shane Edward; and Askey, Jess Michael 09811251 Cl. G06F 3/04842.
Enzychem Lifesciences Corporation: See--
Sohn, Ki-Young 09808438 Cl. A61K 31/231.
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Epic Oil Extractors, LLC: See--
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Epileds Technologies, Inc.: See--
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Erdodi, Gabor: See--
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Erdogan, Elif: See--
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Eren, Firat: See--
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Ergotron, Inc.: See--
Ergun, Mustafa A.; Fluhrer, Robert William; Trish, Scott; and Mensing, Jeffrey Randall 09808079 Cl. A47B 9/02.
Ergun, Mustafa A.; Fluhrer, Robert William; Trish, Scott; and Mensing, Jeffrey Randall, to Ergotron, Inc. Height adjustable desk system and method 09808079 Cl. A47B 9/02.
Ericksen, Gregory Scott: See--
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Erickson, Matthew Henry: See--
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Ericsson, Matthew: See--
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Erion, Mark: See--
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Erman, Jeffrey: See--
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Eroglu, Adnan: See--
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Erreygers, Jan Jozef Julia Maria: See--
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Erway, Charles: See--
Pickard, Keith; and Erway, Charles D0801806 Cl. D9‑425.
Escales, Jean-Philippe: See--
Rivero, Christian; Fornara, Pascal; and Escales, Jean-Philippe 09812399 Cl. H01L 23/53295.
Escape Fitness Limited: See--
Hillson, Nicholas D0802064 Cl. D21‑681.
Escott, Adrian Edward: See--
Cheng, Hong; Baghel, Sudhir Kumar; and Escott, Adrian Edward 09813910 Cl. H04W 12/08.
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Eshchenko, Dmitry; and Schauwecker, Robert, to Bruker BioSpin AG Robust dynamical method and device for detecting the level of a liquid using resistance temperature detectors 09810566 Cl. G01F 23/247.
ESKI Inc.: See--
Leclerc, Vincent; Kravtchenko, Vadim; Rousseau, Jean-Sébastien; and Francis, Justin Alexandre 09813091 Cl. H04B 1/086.
Leclerc, Vincent; Kravtchenko, Vadim; Rousseau, Jean-Sébastien; and Francis, Justin Alexandre 09813857 Cl. H04W 4/02.
Eskildsen, Kenneth: See--
Suresh, Sandeep; Eskildsen, Kenneth; and Beema, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy 09814038 Cl. H04W 72/0446.
Eslinger, David Milton: See--
Shampine, Rod William; and Eslinger, David Milton 09810033 Cl. E21B 21/001.
Esmaeil-zadeh-azar, Farhad; to COVIDIEN LP Methods and systems for breath delivery synchronization 09808591 Cl. A61M 16/0069.
Esmark, Kai: See--
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Evans, V, David John; Jiang, Xinrui; Rubin, Andrew E.; Hershenson, Matthew; and Miao, Xiaoyu 09813623 Cl. H04N 5/23238.
EST Co., Ltd.: See--
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Esteban, Carlos Hernandez: See--
Anderson, Robert; Seitz, Steven Maxwell; and Esteban, Carlos Hernandez 09813621 Cl. H04N 5/23238.
Estebez, Jason: See--
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Estrada, Isaac; and Estrada, Zakkery D., to XTRIZAK LLC Magnetic dominos game 09808707 Cl. A63F 9/20.
Estrada, Jesus: See--
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Estrada, Zakkery D.: See--
Estrada, Isaac; and Estrada, Zakkery D. 09808707 Cl. A63F 9/20.
Estridge, John: See--
LoRocco, Paul; Estridge, John; Coalson, Damon; and Webb, Greg 09810504 Cl. F41B 5/14.
eSys Technologies, Inc.: See--
Petito, Daniel A.; and Petito, Michael P. 09811805 Cl. G06Q 10/10.
Etches, Robert: See--
Leighton, Philip A.; Harriman, William Don; and Etches, Robert 09809642 Cl. C07K 16/00.
ETEL S.A.: See--
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Eternal Evolution LLC: See--
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Mariller, Alain 09808111 Cl. A47J 31/3695.
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, LLC: See--
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Ethicon LLC: See--
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ETO Magnetic GmbH: See--
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Etram, Premkumar; and Das, Kumarbrata, to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Method for connecting and blocking call in portable terminal 09813537 Cl. H04M 1/663.
Eufrasio Pedroso, Pedro Filipe: See--
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Eun, Dongseog: See--
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Eureka Exhibits: See--
Feinstein, Keith; and Kirby, Mark 09808099 Cl. A47F 3/004.
Eurich, Sean T.: See--
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Evanchik, Marc: See--
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Evans, Amber Octavia: See--
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Evans, Douglas G.: See--
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Evans, Gregory K.: See--
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Evans, Matt: See--
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Evans, Ronald M.: See--
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Everly, Jeffrey: See--
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Evindar, Ghotas: See--
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Evolution Engineering Inc.: See--
Logan, Aaron W.; Kalman, Kevin; Berube, Vincent Gille; and Ahmoye, Daniel W. 09810030 Cl. E21B 17/10.
Evolved Wireless LLC: See--
Park, Sung Jun; Lee, Young Dae; Chun, Sung Duck; and Jung, Myung Cheul RE046602 Cl. H04W 74/006.
Evonik Degussa GmbH: See--
Fonfe, Benjamin; Kretz, Stephan; and Jakob, Harald 09809535 Cl. C07C 319/08.
Steiger, Juergen; Merkulov, Alexey; and Hoppe, Arne 09812330 Cl. H01L 21/288.
Evonik Roehm GmbH: See--
Krill, Steffen; Ait Aissa, Belaid; May, Alexander; and Groemping, Matthias 09809530 Cl. C07C 67/20.
Ewing, Michael A.: See--
Clemmer, David Edward; Ewing, Michael A.; Zucker, Steven M.; and Conant, Christopher R. P. 09810664 Cl. G01N 27/622.
Excahbur IP, LLC: See--
Steinberg, Carol; Lindal, John; and Owen, Dave 09811350 Cl. G06F 9/4443.
Excalibur IP, LLC: See--
Jin, Haojian; and Holz, Christian 09813854 Cl. H04W 4/02.
Staszak, Chris 09812023 Cl. G09B 5/06.
Watfa, Allie K.; Nussel, Dale; Pardeshi, Mangesh; and Kilroy, Jonathan 09811843 Cl. G06Q 30/0267.
Excel Concepts: See--
Drever, Jeremy D0801892 Cl. D12‑171.
Excelerate Energy Limited Partnership: See--
Isaacson, Daniel; and Norton, Thomas M. 09810478 Cl. F25J 1/0022.
Exelixis, Inc.: See--
Brown, Adrian St. Clair; Lamb, Peter; and Gallagher, William P. 09809549 Cl. C07D 215/22.
Exergy Technologies Corporation: See--
Reinhard, Fred P. 09809470 Cl. C02F 1/461.
Saada, Benjamin Jacob; Samuelian, Jean-Charles Marcel; and Tejedor, Vincent 09809139 Cl. B60N 3/004.
Exro Technologies Inc.: See--
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ExtraHop Networks, Inc.: See--
Leone, Alexander Christian 09813311 Cl. H04L 43/04.
Extreme Networks, Inc.: See--
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Rash, Michael; Nispel, Markus; Woodhead, Jamie; and Graham, Richard 09813447 Cl. H04L 63/20.
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ExxonMobil Chemical Patents Inc.: See--
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ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company: See--
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Nedwed, Timothy J.; and Palandro, David A. 09810522 Cl. G01B 11/06.
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Eye Lighting International of North America, Inc.: See--
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Ezoe, Shiro: See--
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