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Method of transmitting and receiving radio access information in a wireless mobile communications system
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[ 14. A method of performing a handover from a terminal to a base station in a wireless communication system, the method comprising:
transmitting, by the terminal, measurement information to a source base station;
receiving, by the terminal, and after the source base station has determined that a handover should occur to a target base station, a handover command message from the source base station, wherein the handover command message includes access information, and the access information includes preamble information as identified by the target base station for use by the terminal during a random access procedure with the target base station, wherein the preamble information is a dedicated preamble used only for a specific terminal;
establishing, by the terminal, and in response to the handover command message, a radio connection with the target base station, wherein the terminal connects with the target base station during the random access procedure using the preamble information identified by the target base station; and
transmitting, by the terminal, a handover complete message to the target base station.]