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Sputtering apparatus
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[ 26. A magnetron assembly comprising:
a plurality of magnets; and
a yoke configured to hold the plurality of magnets;
wherein the plurality of magnets is arranged to form a pattern comprising an outer portion and an inner portion, wherein the outer portion substantially surrounds a perimeter of the inner portion;
wherein the magnets of the inner portion are oriented to utilize a first polarity and the magnets of the outer portion are each oriented to utilize a respective polarity other than the first polarity;
wherein the pattern comprises a respective turnaround portion at each end of the pattern;
wherein the magnets of at least one turnaround portion are in at least four straight, parallel, and independent linear arrays, the linear arrays comprising at least two inner linear arrays that include some of the magnets of the inner portion of the pattern and some of the magnets of the outer portion of the pattern; and
wherein some of the magnets in the inner linear arrays are oriented to have laterally offset polarities so as to form a magnetic step in the at least one turnaround portion.]