US PP28,614 P2
X Mangave plant named ‘Kaleidoscope’
Latin Name: Manfreda×Agave hybrid, Varietal Denomination: Kaleidoscope
Hans A. Hansen, Zeeland, MI (US)
Assigned to Walters Gardens Inc, Zeeland, MI (US)
Filed by Hans A. Hansen, Zeeland, MI (US)
Filed on Mar. 29, 2016, as Appl. No. 14/999,083.
Int. Cl. A01H 5/12 (2006.01)
U.S. Cl. PLT—373 1 Claim
OG exemplary drawing
1. A new and distinct cultivar of ornamental X Mangave plant named ‘Kaleidoscope’ as herein described and illustrated, suitable as a potted plant or for the garden.