US PP28,603 P3
Dianthus plant named ‘Cranberry Cocktail’
Latin Name: Dianthus hybrid, Varietal Denomination: Cranberry Cocktail
Hans A. Hansen, Zeeland, MI (US)
Assigned to Walters Gardens Inc, Zeeland, MI (US)
Filed by Hans A. Hansen, Zeeland, MI (US)
Filed on Jan. 19, 2016, as Appl. No. 14/998,557.
Prior Publication US 2017/0208724 P1, Jul. 20, 2017
Int. Cl. A01H 5/02 (2006.01)
U.S. Cl. PLT—277 1 Claim
OG exemplary drawing
1. A new and distinct Dianthus plant named ‘Cranberry Cocktail’ essentially as herein described and illustrated.