US D802,235 S
Part of a vacuum cleaner
Peter David Gammack, Gloucester (GB); Charles Geoffrey Box, Swindon (GB); David Alan Millington, Swindon (GB); Oliver Stanton Blanchard, Bristol (GB); and Edward Miles Sims, Bristol (GB)
Assigned to Dyson Technology Limited, Malmesbury, Wiltshire (GB)
Filed by Dyson Technology Limited, Wiltshire (GB)
Filed on Sep. 2, 2016, as Appl. No. 29/576,416.
Claims priority of application No. 003013705-0004 (EM), filed on Mar. 4, 2016.
Term of patent 15 Years
LOC (10) Cl. 15 - 05
U.S. Cl. D32—34
OG exemplary drawing
We claim the ornamental design for a part of a vacuum cleaner, as shown and described.