US D801,887 S
Front bumper for a vehicle
Anthony Peat, Coventry (GB); and Joe Buck, Coventry (GB)
Assigned to Jaguar Land Rover Limited, Whitley, Coventry (GB)
Filed by Jaguar Land Rover Limited, Whitley Coventry (GB)
Filed on Sep. 16, 2016, as Appl. No. 29/577,902.
Application 29/577,902 is a division of application No. 29/537,991, filed on Aug. 31, 2015, granted, now D784215.
Claims priority of application No. 002656330 (EM), filed on Mar. 16, 2015.
Term of patent 15 Years
LOC (10) Cl. 12 - 16
U.S. Cl. D12—169
OG exemplary drawing
The ornamental design for a front bumper for a vehicle, as shown and described.