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Server rack system for mounting equipment
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1. An improved system for mounting equipment in a server frame, the server frame is defined to have four corner posts secured between a base structure and a top structure, each corner post includes a side wall and an end wall thereby defining a pair of sides and defining a front and a rear, each corner post further includes a plurality of standard EIA-310 openings to receive ends of a standard outer rail used to secure and support the equipment to the server frame, the improvement comprising:
four interior posts, configured as two pairs of side interior posts, each interior post has a base plate and an arm plate extending from the base plate substantially perpendicularly and inwardly therefrom such that two pair of side interior posts face each other, each interior post is separately secured to one of the corner posts, and wherein each arm plate includes rail apertures extending along at least a portion of the arm plate; and
a pair of secondary outer rails, separately and removably secured from the front to the rear of each pair of the side interior posts, each secondary outer rail has a rear end and a front end with rear facing hooks positioned on both the rear end and the front end of the secondary outer rail, the rear facing hooks being configured to slide into and out of engagement with the rail apertures on the interior posts, and
wherein when the pair of secondary outer rails are secured to the pair of the side interior posts, the secondary outer rails are configured to receive inner rails secured to equipment for sliding the equipment into the server frame.