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Waterproof control apparatus
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1. A waterproof control apparatus comprising:
a circuit board that is watertightly contained in a case configured with a cover and a base having a mounting face;
a connector housing that is formed of a resin-molded material, mounted in the circuit board, and exposed from a side opening portion of the cover; and
a plurality of first connection terminals mounted in a diaphragm of the connector housing,
wherein one terminal of the first connection terminal is connected with a circuit strip conductor on the circuit board, and the other terminal thereof abuts on and is connected with the second connection terminal provided in a mating connector so as to be connected with a wire harness provided at an outside of the case,
wherein the connector housing includes
an outer ring-shaped circumferential wall that is provided at an outer side of the diaphragm and with which the mating connector fits, and
a water-repellent filter that is formed of a porous material including a plurality of fine pores for preventing water drops from intruding into the case and for letting air freely pass therethrough and that is watertightly fixed to an inner surface of the diaphragm,
wherein the water-repellent filter includes an inner surface portion that communicates with an inner space of the case and an outer surface portion that communicates with a respiratory ventilation hole for introducing outer air,
wherein the respiratory ventilation hole penetrates an inside of a protrusion portion provided in an external wall surface of the outer ring-shaped circumferential wall, and a waterproof packing for preventing water from intruding into a closed space including a conductive contact portion between the first connection terminal and the second connection terminal, is provided between the end surface portion of the outer ring-shaped circumferential wall and the mating connector that fits with the outer ring-shaped circumferential wall, and
wherein at an external position of said closed space, the respiratory ventilation hole communicates with a folded ventilation surface that is opened to air outside the waterproof control apparatus through part of or the whole of the inner surface of the circumferential wall of the mating connector.