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Electronic circuit unit
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1. An electronic circuit unit that includes a housing and a circuit board which is housed in the housing and to which a connector is secured,
wherein the housing includes a first chassis and a second chassis that covers an opening of the first chassis, and the first chassis and the second chassis are each formed of a metal sheet,
wherein the first chassis includes a plurality of side plate portions defining an interior of the first chassis and has a pair of support pieces formed by inwardly bending the metal sheet that is part of a-one side plate portion and an opening formed between the support pieces that face each other, the support pieces extending inwardly from the one side plate portion into the interior of the first chassis, parallel to other side plate portions,
wherein the support pieces have respective receiving portions and respective support projections integrally formed with the support pieces, and
wherein the circuit board has support holes, the circuit board is provided inside the first chassis, the connector is inserted into the opening, the circuit board is supported by the receiving portions, and the support projections are inserted into the support holes.