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Component placement device as well as a method for picking up a component and placing a component on a substrate
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1. A component placement device for picking up a component and placing a component on a substrate, which component placement device comprises a holder which is movable at least in a main direction, as well as a nozzle for picking up a component, which nozzle is movable relative to the holder at least in a direction opposite the main direction, characterised in that the nozzle is provided with a passage connected to a vacuum source and to at least one opening of a component pick-up part, which nozzle is also provided with an opening in a wall of the nozzle located between the vacuum source and the at least one opening, which opening is in open communication with the passage, wherein the holder is provided with a channel which is in communication with the opening and the passage via a closable connection, wherein a fluid flow channel comprising at least part of the passage, the opening and the channel is being opened or closed by the nozzle at the closable connection upon movement of the nozzle relative to the holder in the direction opposite to the main direction, the component placement device further comprises detection means for detecting the opening or closing of the fluid flow channel as well as means for controlling the movement of the holder in at least the main direction on the basis of a signal delivered by the detection means concerning the opening or closing of the fluid flow channel.