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Reflected signal absorption in interconnect
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1. A printed circuit board (PCB) assembly comprising:
a substrate; and
at least one interconnect formed in the substrate to route an electrical signal, wherein the interconnect includes a pair of electrically conductive lines disposed about an edge of the substrate, wherein each electrically conductive line includes a stub coupled with the line, wherein the stub forms an electric path that extends away from the electrically conductive line, wherein the electrical signal includes a desired transmission signal portion to travel via the electrically conductive line and a stub signal portion to travel through the stub, to form a reflected noise signal in response to a reflection by an end of the stub,
wherein at least a portion of the end of the stub is covered with an absorbing material to at least partially absorb the portion of the electrical signal that is reflected by the end of the stub, wherein the absorbing material has a dielectric loss tangent that remains substantially constant, for a frequency range of a frequency of the reflected portion of the electrical signal that is to be at least partially absorbed.