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Low power battery mode for wireless-enabled device prior to commissioning
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1. A battery powered wireless lighting control device, comprising:
a battery;
a processor;
an radio frequency (RF) transceiver; and
at least one of a detector or a button, wherein the button is for user activation,
wherein the processor is configured to operate the lighting control device to:
remain in a deep sleep mode that consumes minimal power from the battery until the processor receives a trigger signal from the detector or the button indicating a predetermined stimulus from a user,
awake from the deep sleep mode to consume power from the battery when the trigger signal is received,
perform wireless commissioning of the lighting control device by powering the RF transceiver and wirelessly transmitting a beacon to a commissioning device and wirelessly receiving a commissioning message from the commissioning device to enable the lighting control device to wirelessly communicate with a luminaire or other element of a wirelessly controlled lighting system, and
provide wireless control of the luminaire through the RF transceiver after the commissioning is performed.