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Backlight driver chip incorporating a phase lock loop (PLL) with programmable offset/delay and seamless operation
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1. A control circuit for a display device, the control circuit comprising:
a phase detection module configured to concurrently receive a frequency-scaled (FS) feedback signal and an input clock signal, and provide a phase adjustment signal;
a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) connected to: (i) the phase detection module, and (ii) separate arithmetic operators that are configured to provide the FS feedback signal and an output clock signal based on the phase adjustment signal;
a delay module, coupled to a first arithmetic operator of the separate arithmetic operators, wherein: i) the delay module comprises one or more selectable gate delays and ii) the delay module is configured to offset, by a delay value, a pulse edge of the output clock signal from a pulse edge of the input clock signal; and
a dimming generator coupled to an output of the delay module, wherein the delay value is based on a clock rate of the dimming generator.