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Induction dryer
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1. An induction heating apparatus for heating workpieces moving through the apparatus, the apparatus comprising:
a housing;
a tube positioned within the housing and defining a generally enclosed space in the housing through which the workpieces travel as the workpieces move through the apparatus, the tube having an inlet end for receiving workpieces and an outlet end for discharging workpieces;
an inlet hub coupled to an opening in the housing, the inlet hub defining a first opening for receiving the workpieces prior to being received by the tube, the inlet hub configured to support the tube within the housing, and the inlet hub further defining a heated air inlet opening configured to enable air to flow therethrough from an interior of the housing to the enclosed space;
an induction coil configured to heat the workpieces as the workpieces move through the enclosed space;
a first fan operative to move air past power and control circuitry to a location within the housing; and
a second fan operative to move air through the heated air inlet opening into the enclosed space of the tube from the interior of the housing,
wherein the outlet end of the tube enables air to flow out of the enclosed space to an exterior of the housing.