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Data frame structure and operation method for sharing unlicensed spectrum in wireless communication system and apparatus thereof
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1. An operation method of a terminal in a wireless communication system for using an unlicensed band, comprising:
generating an uplink data unit; and
transmitting, to a base station included in the wireless communication system, the uplink data unit using a frame of the unlicensed band,
wherein the frame includes an uplink subframe (UL) zone, a downlink subframe (DL) zone, a special subframe (SS) for channel estimation and synchronization, and a coexistence subframe (CS) zone for coexistence use with an unlicensed band system,
the uplink data unit is transmitted using at least one of the uplink subframe (UL) zone and the coexistence subframe (CS) zone, and
the coexistence subframe (CS) is located ahead of the special subframe (SS) to use the special subframe as intervals of a downlink pilot time slot (DwPTS) in which the base station transmits no signal, a guard period (GP), and an uplink pilot time slot (UpPTS).