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Communication system and communication apparatus
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1. A communication apparatus for communicating with another communication apparatus at a destination directly or indirectly via one or more other communication apparatuses through a communication route, comprising:
a storage unit configured to store a relay count indicative of a number of other communication apparatus serving as a relay point in the communication route between the communication apparatus and the destination, and data indicative of a signal strength in each communication link existing in the communication route, the communication link being defined between two communication apparatuses;
a calculation unit configured to calculate a first time length by multiplying a first weighting time length by the relay count stored in the storage unit, a second time length by multiplying a second weighting time length by a numerical value indicative of the signal strength of each communication link, and a third time length by adding the first time length and the second time length, the first weighting time length being longer than the second weighting time length; and
a transmission unit configured to transmit, upon passage of the third time length starting from a time of receipt of a search signal from another communication apparatus, a response signal responding to the search signal.