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Location and pairing of devices on a local area network using a unique identifier
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1. A computer implemented method, comprising:
establishing, at an access device on a network, a communication connection with a setup access point of a network device on the network, wherein the setup access point is generated by the network device;
generating, by the access device, a token identifier, wherein the token identifier includes identification data corresponding to the access device to allow the network device to locate the access device, and wherein the token identifier facilitates re-establishing a communication connection between the access device and the network device after a disconnection;
transmitting, by the access device, the token identifier;
detecting, by the access device, that the communication connection between the access device and the network device has been terminated;
transmitting, by the access device, a query, wherein the query includes a request to establish a new communication connection with the setup access point of the network device after the communication connection is terminated, and wherein when the query is received, the establishing of the new communication is facilitated by a gateway on the network using the token identifier; and
receiving, at the access device, a communication including a response to the query, wherein the response indicates that the new communication connection has been established with the setup access point of the network device, and wherein the new communication connection is established using the token identifier.