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Methods for processing emergency call and communications apparatuses utilizing the same
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1. A communications apparatus, comprising:
a baseband signal processing device;
a radio frequency (RF) signal processing device;
a memory device; and
a processor, for transmitting a normal call-establishment signal with a remote identifier to a network to originate a normal call in response to a first call-origination request with the remote identifier initiated from a user, receiving an indication message indicating that the normal call is routed as an emergency call from the network, establishing the normal call and recording the remote identifier in an emergency-call database in the memory device, after the normal call is released and when receiving a second call-origination request with the remote identifier, detecting that the remote identifier is an emergency call address by comparing the remote identifier with data recorded in the emergency-call database and transmitting an emergency call-establishment signal with the remote identifier to the network to originate an emergency call in response to the second call-origination request initiated from the user.