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Wireless communication system, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and random access method
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1. A base station apparatus comprising:
a scheduling circuitry configured to and/or programmed to:
select one component carrier from among a plurality of component carriers allocated by said base station, apparatus to a mobile station apparatus, a preamble number, and random access channel information, wherein said base station apparatus receives a random access preamble indicated by said preamble number on a random access channel indicated by said random access channel information of said one component carrier, through a non-contention based random access procedure, in a case that at least one predetermined condition including a condition that said preamble number is a dedicated preamble number different from zero is satisfied, and
prepare control data of a physical downlink control channel (PDCCH) (a) causing said mobile station apparatus to perform a random access procedure, (b) including component carrier information constituted by only 3 bits of fixed length, said 3 bits specifying said one component carrier, and (c) including said preamble number, and said random access channel information; and
a radio circuitry configured to and/or programmed to transmit said control data to said mobile station apparatus using any one of the plurality of said component carriers.