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Pico-RRU-based network implementation for facilitating 6LOWPAN data access
Samita Chakrabarti, Sunnyvale, CA (US); John Larkins, San Ramon, CA (US); Jaume Rius I Riu, Järfälla (SE); John Fornehed, Sollentuna (SE); and Chenguang Lu, Sollentuna (SE)
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1. A method operating at a pico remote radio unit (PRRU) element disposed in an access system for providing access with respect to information in Internet Protocol (IP) version 6 (IPv6) over Low Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN) format, the PRRU comprising one or more processors and the one or more processors configured to perform the method comprising:
obtaining source data;
determining if the source data is compliant with the 6LoWPAN format; and
if the source data is compliant with the 6LoWPAN format, then repackaging the 6LoWPAN-compliant source data to be transmitted as upstream 6LoWPAN data (6LO) signals in one or more control/management (C/M) messages of Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) protocol operating with an Ethernet cable link disposed between the PRRU element and a remote radio hub (RHUB) element coupled thereto and providing the upstream 6LO data signals to a cable front-end (FE) block interfacing with the Ethernet cable link.