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Scaled symbols for a self-contained time division duplex (TDD) subframe structure
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1. A method of wireless communication in a synchronous network for a scheduling entity to communicate with a set of one or more subordinate entities utilizing a time division duplex (TDD) carrier, wherein the TDD carrier comprises a subframe, the method comprising:
transmitting control information in a control portion of the subframe, the control information corresponding to data information within the subframe;
transmitting the data information in a data portion of the subframe;
receiving a pilot signal from the set of subordinate entities in a pilot portion of the subframe; and
receiving an acknowledged (ACK)/not acknowledged (NACK) signal from the set of subordinate entities in an ACK portion of the subframe, the ACK portion being subsequent to the pilot portion of the subframe, the ACK/NACK signal comprising acknowledgment information corresponding to the data information,
wherein the control portion, the data portion, the pilot portion, and the ACK portion are contained in the same subframe.