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Base station, user apparatus and interference reduction method
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1. A base station connected to a user apparatus in a radio communication system, the base station comprising:
a receiving unit configured to receive from an interference base station first control information which is used by the user apparatus for reducing uplink interference signals from one or more cells formed by the interference base station or from another user apparatus by suppressing or canceling the interference signals;
a generation unit configured to generate second control information based on one or more pieces of the first control information received from the interference base station; and
a transmitting unit configured to transmit the second control information to the user apparatus by a downlink control signal,
the first control information is information used for channel estimation of a demodulation reference signal of physical uplink shared channel,
the downlink control signal is a higher layer signaling or downlink control information in a physical downlink control channel,
in the downlink control information, a predetermined information element based on a predetermined format is included, and
the generation unit, in a case where the second control information is transmitted as the downlink control information, generates the second control information in which the information elements in the downlink control information are partially removed or information included in the information element is partially removed.