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Fast wireless local area network communication method and apparatus using multiple transfer rate partitioning and cooperative transmission
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1. A method for communicating in a wireless local area network (WLAN), by an access point (AP), the method comprising:
allocating a transmission time slot for a group of stations (STAs), which comprises one or more STAs;
transmitting a beacon frame including transmission time slot information and group information; and
receiving an uplink data from a STA of the group of STAs within the transmission time slot,
wherein the transmission time slot information indicates a time duration allocated to the group within a beacon interval between two consecutive beacon frames,
wherein the group information indicates the one or more STAs belonging to the group,
wherein the uplink data is received via a relay from the STA belonging to the group of STAs,
wherein the uplink data is forwarded from the relay to the AP after a short interframe space (SIFS) without sending back an acknowledgement frame in response to the uplink data to the STA,
wherein the STA is assigned a corresponding partition, within the transmission time slot, to access a medium in contention,
wherein when a packet for forwarding the uplink data to the AP is detected by the STA after transmission time of the uplink data from the STA, the packet is accepted as successful acknowledgement of the uplink data by the STA.