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Method and apparatus for configuring SRS resource for cooperating cells
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1. A method for configuring sounding reference signal (SRS) resources of cooperating cells, comprising:
grouping all cells into different cell groups;
determining a SRS initial time domain resource configuration order of each cell group;
determining a SRS resource grouping policy of the cell according to state information of user equipment; and
configuring SRS resources for user equipments accessing each cell according to the SRS initial time domain resource configuration order and the SRS resource grouping policy;
wherein, determining the SRS resource grouping policy of the cell according to the state information of a user equipment (UE) comprises:
dividing each SRS time domain resource into S groups, wherein S=2M, and M is a ratio of a cell SRS bandwidth to a UE SRS bandwidth; a total code tree set corresponding to different frequency division resources and comb division resources being marked as Φ, wherein, Φ={kεZ, 0≤k≤S−1, Z is an integer}; and
when there are x kinds of state information of the UE, each kind of state information of the UE corresponding to one code tree subset GroupAi, wherein, GroupAi={k|mod (k, x)=i}, iε(0, 1, . . . , x−1), GroupAi={k/mod (k, x)=i} represents a set of remainder i obtained from k divided by x.