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Method of reporting information on UE state performed by UE in wireless communication system and device for supporting said method
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1. A method of transmitting information on a user equipment (UE) state in a wireless communication system, the method performed by UE and comprising:
generating information on a UE state;
transmitting, to a network, the information on the UE state, wherein the information on the UE state includes activity of the UE specifying a frequency at which the UE communicates with the network;
obtaining, from the network, configuration information in response to the information on the UE state; and
operating based on the configuration information,
wherein the activity of the UE is determined based on a continuation time during which the UE operates in a radio resource control (RRC) idle state immediately before operating in a RRC connection state, and
wherein the activity of the UE is determined based on at least one of an average RRC idle state continuation time and an average RRC connection state continuation time with respect to a specific number of RRC connection states.