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Methods and systems for configuring overlapping MBMS configurations on multiple carriers
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1. A method in a first network node for enabling multimedia broadcast multicast service (MBMS) transmission in at least one multimedia broadcast multicast service single frequency network (MBSFN) area, the method comprising:
determining a first MBMS configuration comprising at least a first MBSFN subframe configuration for MBMS transmission on a first carrier frequency, and a second configuration comprising of at least a second blank or partly blank subframe configuration on a second carrier frequency, wherein at least one first MBSFN subframe at least partly overlaps in time with at least one second subframe;
configuring a second network node with the first MBMS configuration for MBMS signal transmission on the first carrier frequency; and
configuring a third network node with the second configuration on the second carrier frequency, wherein
the subframes of the first and the second carrier frequencies are time aligned and radio frames of the first and second carrier frequencies are misaligned by at least one subframe.