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Method and device for data transmission in wireless local area network
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1. A method for data transmission in a wireless local area network, comprising: transmitting, by a terminal, a first data frame to an access device, wherein the first data frame comprises indication information, a duration field, a reverse direction grant (RDG) message field, and uplink data, wherein the indication information is used to indicate a power save poll and uplink data transmission, the RDG message field indicates a support for reverse direction transmission so that the access device is granted to transmit multiple downlink data frames to the terminal, and the duration field is used to indicate a sum of time required by the terminal for receiving downlink data transmitted in the multiple downlink data frames to the terminal by the access device; and receiving, by the terminal, a second data frame that is transmitted by the access device within a time range indicated by the duration field according to the first data frame, wherein the second data frame comprises response information of the power save poll indicated by the indication information, and the response information comprises the downlink data.