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Techniques for selecting an access point for wireless network discovery
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1. An apparatus at a mobile device comprising:
logic operable on the circuitry, the logic, to process one or more instructions, to cause the circuitry to:
cause communication of a probe request message to access points belonging to an extended service set (ESS), the ESS comprising an advertisement server to provide a generic advertisement service (GAS);
receive a beacon or probe response message from an access point of the access points, the beacon or probe response comprising a basic service set identifier to identify the access point, a homogeneous ESS identifier to identify the ESS, and a pre-association message exchange BSSID independent (PAME-BI) bit to provide an indication of whether the advertisement server for the ESS will provide a response to a GAS request message independent of which access point of the access points is used to relay GAS messages to the advertisement server;
select the access point of the access points for a list of one or more access points, the access point belonging to the ESS;
select the access point from the list of one or more access points to use the first access point to relay messages related to the GAS provided by the advertisement server, the access point selected based on the PAME-BI bit being set in the beacon or probe response for the access point.