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Mobile communication method and mobile communication system
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1. A mobile communication method in a mobile communication system for SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) including a mobile station, a first radio access network that does not support circuit-switched communications, a second radio access network that supports the circuit-switched communications, a gateway within a serving network of the mobile station for switching a path for voice communications between the mobile station and a communication partner of the mobile station, from a path using the first radio access network, to a path using the second radio access network, and a control node within the serving network of the mobile station, the mobile communication method comprising:
sending, by the mobile station, a registration request to the control node;
sending, by the control node, a registration response to the mobile station;
transmitting, by the mobile station, an INVITE signal to the control node; and
deciding, by the control node, whether to allocate a resource of the gateway based on SRVCC capability of the mobile station.