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System and method for end-to-end quality of service control for a remote service gateway
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28. A far-end gateway to a remote network, for use in performing end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) control during an access of a communications device to the remote network, the far-end gateway comprising:
a memory; and
a processor operative to execute at least one computer program out of the memory:
to receive a packet flow for a call;
to identify the packet flow for the call as originating from a venue, the venue being a subscriber of a service provider network;
to access a service profile for the venue, the service profile including a QoS policy for the venue;
to receive a request for a change in the service profile for the venue, the request for the change in the service profile being based at least on monitored levels of bandwidth usage at one or more of a wireless access point deployed in the venue, a near-end gateway to the service provider network, and the far-end gateway to the remote network; and
to dynamically adjust the service profile based at least on the monitored levels of bandwidth usage, thereby assuring that a consistent QoS policy for the venue is enforced during the call.