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System and method for dynamic provisioning of Wi-Fi capacity in large venues using C-RAN architecture
Mustafa Arslan, Princeton, NJ (US); Karthikeyan Sundaresan, Manalapan, NJ (US); and Ramanujan Sheshadri, Buffalo, NY (US)
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1. A computer-implemented method for dynamic provisioning of Wi-Fi capacity in areas using a centralized radio access network (C-RAN), the method comprising:
introducing a set of access points (APs) in the C-RAN for providing capacity required to serve a plurality of users accessing heterogeneous content;
introducing a set of remote radio heads (RRHs) in the C-RAN acting as transmit/receive points, the set of APs being mapped to at least one of the set of RRHs to create AP-RRH mappings;
tracking traffic fluctuations of the plurality of users in the C-RAN; and
based on the traffic fluctuations, adapting the AP-RRH mappings at a granularity of epochs, where measurements from previous epochs serve as input to drive current epochs.