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Apparatus and method for controlling an occupancy ratio of each region in a buffer
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1. A base station apparatus comprising:
a buffer comprising a plurality of regions, wherein each region in the buffer is designated by one of a plurality of priorities; and
a buffer control device connected to the buffer and including
a processor configured to:
acquire predetermined information regarding data communication between the base station apparatus and external apparatuses other than the base station apparatus;
predict a first amount of traffic in the data communication based on the acquired predetermined information;
determine an occupancy ratio for the plurality of regions in the buffer based on the predicted first amount of traffic in the data communication; and
store by the buffer in a respective designated region, in accordance with the determined occupancy ratio, first pieces of data each of which is assigned one of the plurality of priorities and transmitted within the base station apparatus from a first processing unit to a second processing unit via a high speed serial interface;
wherein the occupancy ratio represents a relationship between a storage capacity of one of the plurality of regions in the buffer to each storage capacity of remaining plurality of regions in the buffer.