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Inter-rat systems access network (AN) load balance and congestion control mechanism
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1. A method for providing inter-Radio Access Technology (RAT) load-balancing and congestion control when a wireless device attempts to attach to a primary RAT while receiving wireless communication over a secondary RAT that is different from the primary RAT, the method comprising performing the following steps using a network entity in a Radio Access Network (RAN) supporting the secondary RAT:
broadcasting a congestion indicator via a broadcast message to all wireless devices receiving wireless communication over the secondary RAT, wherein the wireless devices include:
a set of idle wireless devices, wherein each idle wireless device has no traffic channel established over the secondary RAT, and
a set of active wireless devices, wherein each active wireless device has a traffic channel established over the secondary RAT; and
through the congestion indicator, disabling a primary RAT re-selection functionality in each idle wireless device receiving the broadcast message, thereby preventing re-selection of the primary RAT by the idle wireless devices.