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Efficient L2 processing and protocol data units wireless communications
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1. A method for wireless communications, the method comprising:
generating an enhanced medium access control (MAC-es) protocol data unit (PDU), the enhanced MAC-es PDU comprising a plurality of enhanced MAC-es service data units (SDUs), wherein at least one of the enhanced MAC-es SDUs comprises a segment of a higher layer PDU;
generating an enhanced MAC-e header associated with the enhanced MAC-es PDU;
adding a first logical channel identification (LCH-ID) field and a second LCH-ID field to the enhanced MAC-e header, wherein the first LCH-ID field identifies a first logical channel for a first enhanced MAC-es SDU in the enhanced MAC-es PDU, and wherein the second LCH-ID field identifies a second logical channel for a second enhanced MAC-es SDU in the enhanced MAC-es PDU; and
concatenating the enhanced MAC-e header and the enhanced MAC-es PDU to form an enhanced MAC-e PDU.