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Method and apparatus for integrating active test capability to a wireless access point or base station
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1. A method for service quality monitoring in a wireless network, the network having both wired and wireless connections, the network having at least one access point capable of providing wireless connectivity to client devices, the access point having at least one client-serving access point radio transceiver capable of serving clients and at least one testing client transceiver positioned as a part of the access point and capable of creating wireless connections to access point transceivers in the network, the method comprising:
sending and receiving wireless signals from the client-serving access point transceiver to serve clients;
generating radio test signals for network testing from the at least one testing client transceiver at the at least one access point, including directing the radio test signals through an end-to-end connection towards one or more end points in the network, wherein the test signals measure the service quality of the network on at least one layer of the OSI layers L3-L7; and
minimizing radio interference between signals of the client-serving radio transceiver and the testing client transceiver.