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Systems, methods, and computer readable media for utilizing a plurality of unmanned aerial vehicles to conduct performance testing in a wireless communications network
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1. A system for testing wireless access points associated with a wireless communications network, the system comprising:
a plurality of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) configured to navigate within a service coverage area associated with a plurality of wireless access points belonging to a wireless communications network, wherein each of the UAVs includes:
a coordination module configured to assign each of the wireless access points;
a device emulation module configured to execute a wireless traffic test that includes test traffic data communicated between at least one of the UAVs and a tested wireless access point belonging to the plurality of wireless access points; and
a performance metrics module configured to determine, for each of the wireless access points to be tested, performance metric information associated with the test traffic data being wirelessly communicated between the tested wireless access point and at least one of the UAVs;
wherein each of the UAVs is configured to navigate within the service coverage area using global positioning system (GPS) coordinates via an onboard GPS navigation module.