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Secure adaptive device locking
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1. A method comprising: sending a first message from a user equipment (UE) to a telecommunications network device requesting a UE SIMLock configuration; receiving a first reply message at the UE from the telecommunications network device, the first reply message including at least the UE SIMLock configuration, the UE SIMLock configuration containing one or more UE parameters for the configuration of the UE; applying the one or more UE parameters to the UE; detecting, with the UE, a subscriber identity module (SIM) inserted into the UE; receiving a SIM configuration from the SIM, the SIM configuration comprising one or more SIM parameters; and comparing values for each of the one or more UE parameters to each respective SIM parameter to determine a compatibility of the SIM and the UE; wherein, if the UE is incompatible; the UE is partially, or completely, disabled; wherein, if the UE is compatible, the UE is fully enabled; and wherein a network value in the UE SIMLock configuration matches the network value of the SIM configuration.