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Systems and methods for vehicle policy enforcement
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1. A method for securely managing the use of an electronic device in a policy managed location, the steps comprising:
receiving a first policy at a first electronic device from a first party, said first policy specifying one or more actions to be performed by the first device in response to detecting that it is located in a policy-managed location, said policy further including a secure policy validation code to authenticate a message associated with said policy managed location;
wirelessly receiving short range communication signals from an apparatus in proximity to the first device, said signals being operable to determine the location of the first device relative to a policy managed location within or near the apparatus;
determining if the first device is located in a policy managed location at least in part based on said signals;
receiving a message from the apparatus;
authenticating said message at least in part using the secure policy validation code; and
initiating said one or more actions if it is determined that the first device is in a policy managed location and the message authentication is successful.