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System for station group management and method for managing station-management groups
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1. An apparatus of an access point comprising: memory; and, hardware processing circuitry coupled to the memory, the hardware processing circuitry configured to:
generate a group identification (ID) management frame to establish group assignments for a multi-user (MU) multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) transmission, the group ID management frame comprising a plurality of indications of group IDs for a station (STA) identified as a group member of the plurality of indications of group IDs;
configure the MU-MIMO transmission for transmission to the station and other stations that are members in one of the groups, the MU-MIMO transmission comprising a group ID field indicating one of the group IDs and a multi-user field indicating a number of space-time streams for the station and other stations associated with the indicated group ID;
establish a station-management group to include two or more selected stations;
configure one or more group ID management frames to signal to the selected stations their membership in the station-management group; and
generate a group update message comprising a group ID management frame to inform one of the stations of the selected station of its deletion from the station-management group.