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Network-initiated control method and apparatus for providing proximity service
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1. A method of a network node supporting proximity service (ProSe) between at least a first user equipment (UE) and a second UE in a wireless communication system, the method comprising:
receiving ProSe information;
determining whether the first UE is authorized to use the ProSe;
transmitting a paging message including ProSe permissibility indication information to the first UE when the first UE is authorized to use the ProSe and the first UE is enabled for the ProSe; and
receiving ProSe performance result information from the first UE after the ProSe is performed,
wherein the ProSe is performed by using a direct data path setup request between the first UE that received the paging message and the second UE,
wherein the ProSe information includes network congestion information related to each of the plurality of UEs, operator policy information, and network ProSe capability information, and
wherein the ProSe information further includes at least subscriber information, preference information, user identification information, group identification information, a list of other UEs, or ProSe relationship information with the other UEs.