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Detecting stowing or unstowing of a mobile device
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1. A method for detecting unstowing of a mobile device using a wearable device, the method comprising:
obtaining, by the wearable device, sensor data from the mobile device, the sensor data including mobile-device motion-sensor data, wherein the mobile-device motion-sensor data is indicative of motion of the mobile device, and wherein the mobile device is in an inactive state at a time when the sensor data is obtained;
collecting, by the wearable device, wearable-device motion-sensor data from one or more motion sensors that are local to the wearable device, wherein the wearable-device motion-sensor data is indicative of motion of the wearable device;
computing, by the wearable device, a correlation metric between the mobile-device motion-sensor data and the wearable-device motion-sensor data;
determining, based at least in part on whether the correlation metric satisfies a threshold criterion, whether the mobile device has been unstowed; and
in the event that the mobile device has been unstowed, sending, by the wearable device, an activate message and context information to the mobile device, the activate message indicating that the mobile device should enter an active state that permits user interaction with the mobile device, the context information indicative of a most recent activity of a user interface of the wearable device.