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Proximity beacon management using a network device
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1. A method comprising:
generating operational characteristics for a proximity beacon transmitter coupled to a network device through a proximity beacon transceiver hub physically connected to the network device through a wired connection, wherein the operational characteristics include a signal power at which the proximity beacon transmitter transmits signals, wherein the proximity beacon transceiver hub couples the proximity beacon transmitter to the network device to make the proximity beacon transmitter a network device-coupled proximity beacon transmitter, wherein the network device is configured to provide stations wireless access to network services of a network, and wherein the stations include proximity beacon receivers;
configuring the proximity beacon transmitter through the network device according to the operational characteristics;
determining if the proximity beacon transmitter is operating according to the operational characteristics in transmitting proximity beacon signals to the proximity beacon receivers;
reconfiguring the proximity beacon transmitter according to the operational characteristics through the network device, if it is determined the proximity beacon transmitter is operating in nonconformity with the operational characteristics.