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Method and apparatus for bluetooth connection
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1. A Bluetooth connection method, comprising: transmitting, by a Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) module, a first request message to neighboring devices requesting device information associated with at least one device including a Bluetooth LE module in a standby state to search for a connectable Bluetooth LE module: receiving a first response message including the device information: transmitting, by the Bluetooth LE module, a connection request message for instructing a connection through the Bluetooth LE module to a target device among the at least one device:
establishing a connection with the target device through the Bluetooth LE module based on the connection request message:
transmitting, by the Bluetooth LE module, a handover request message requesting handover to a Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) module to the target device: transmitting a wake-up message to the Bluetooth BR/EDR module to activate the Bluetooth BR/EDR module in an inactivated state:
changing a power level indicating an operable state of at least the Bluetooth BR/EDR module or the Bluetooth LE module based on the wake-up message:
receiving a handover response message for the handover request message from the target device:
performing a handover from the Bluetooth LE module to the Bluetooth BR/EDR module:
transmitting or receiving, by the Bluetooth BR/EDR module, data via the Bluetooth BR/EDR module with the target device wherein the connection request message includes connection authority information of the target device, and
wherein the connection authority information includes registration information indicating whether the target device is a registered device, a control level for determining whether the target device can be controlled, product group information of the target device, and security information indicating security strength.