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Screen-relative rendering of audio and encoding and decoding of audio for such rendering
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1. A method for rendering an audio program, including steps of:
(a) determining at least one warping degree parameter; and
(b) performing warping on audio content of at least one channel of the program to a degree determined at least in part by the warping degree parameter corresponding to said channel, where each said warping degree parameter is indicative of a maximum degree of warping to be performed on corresponding audio content of the program by a playback system, wherein the warping includes determination of a value, Xs, which indicates unwarped position, along a width axis, of an audio element to be rendered at a warped position along the width axis, and generation of values:
Xwarp denotes raw warped position of the audio element along the width axis relative to an edge of a playback screen,
EXP is an off-screen warping parameter,
YFACTOR indicates degree of warping along the width axis as a function of warped position, y, of the audio element along a depth axis at least substantially perpendicular to the playback screen's plane,
X′ denotes warped object position of the audio element along the width axis relative to the edge of the playback screen, and
XFACTOR is one said warping degree parameter.