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Instrument with remote object detection unit
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1. A hearing aid that enhances environmental sound perception from desired sources or provides warnings of impinging dangers to users with hearing loss, the hearing aid comprising:
two housing parts, a first of the two housing parts being configured to be positioned behind an ear of the user with hearing loss, and a second of the two housing parts being configured to be positioned at the ear canal or the ear canal opening of the ear of the user
a directional microphone system having adaptable directionality, where the directional microphone system comprises a plurality of omnidirectional microphones,
a remote object detection unit configured to emit an electromagnetic signal and to detect a remote object by detecting an electromagnetic signal reflected off the object, and
a processor for adapting the adaptable directionality of the directional microphone system based on the detection of the remote object, wherein the processor is adapted to enhance sound from the object according to the user's specific hearing loss.