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Customization of a vehicle audio system
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1. A computing device for customization of an audio system of a vehicle, the computing device comprising:
a display configured to present a user interface;
a processor; and
a storage device storing instructions executable by the processor to:
generate the user interface for presentation via the display;
receive user input to the user interface requesting one or more adjustments to the audio system, the one or more adjustments including instructions to tune an amplifier of the vehicle by adjusting digital signal processing (DSP) settings of the amplifier, the user interface being presented separately from the amplifier and the display being separate from the amplifier;
responsive to identifying or receiving an indication that one or more of the requested adjustments exceed a threshold for the amplifier, present a prompt for different adjustments; and
transmit the one or more requested adjustments or the different adjustments to a communication interface of the amplifier of the vehicle via a communication link between the computing device and the amplifier, the adjusted DSP settings being stored in the amplifier and retrievable by the computing device.