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Noise reduction with in-ear headphone
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1. An in-ear headphone, comprising:
an earbud body constructed and arranged for positioning in an ear canal of a wearer, the earbud body configured to have a distal end farther into the ear canal than a proximal end;
a flexible earbud tip extending over and spaced apart from the earbud body, the flexible earbud tip being configured to form a seal between the earbud tip and at least a portion of the wearer's ear canal, wherein:
the earbud tip has a first portion and a second portion, the first portion of the earbud tip at the proximal end of the earbud body and extending in a first direction of extension, the second portion of the earbud tip at the distal end of the earbud body and diverging from the first direction of extension in a second direction of extension at an angle relative to the first direction of extension, and the earbud tip comprising a bend at a region of the earbud tip between the first portion of the earbud tip and the second portion of the earbud tip, wherein the bend is configured to accommodate a contour in the wearer's ear canal; and
a retaining loop coupled to the earbud body and for positioning along an antihelix of the wearer's ear.